“My body, my choice!” may be a well-known rallying cry, but, increasingly, outside the realm of abortion it goes out the window. And the latest attack on this front involves a 17-year-old Connecticut teen told that she will undergo chemotherapy — whether she likes it or not.

VIDEO - Colin Gunn, documentary director, talks about methods and avenues the United States can take to restore medical liberty in America.

The New Year has ushered in ObamaCare’s insurance mandate on employers, marking the end of the unilateral delays that were passed one year ago by the White House. The delays provided ammunition to Republicans who argued that Obama was improperly providing administrative fixes where legislative ones were required.

It has been revealed that ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted in 2009 that the bill lacked cost controls and that, inevitably, certain individuals would have to be denied care — all while Barack Obama was telling voters just the opposite.

Increases in Medicaid enrollment reportedly will coincide with a decrease in payments made to doctors, in turn reducing access to medical care for Medicaid enrollees.

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