We're just one mutation away from an Ebola virus as contagious as the flu, says one Purdue University biologist. Moreover, even now the disease can be spread via the air "under certain circumstances."

It appears that government officials are following an agenda other than what is in the best interests of the health of Americans.

The federal government has known for five decades that blacks were even more susceptible than whites to serious damage from fluoride added to water supplies, but it urged local governments to fluoridate the population anyway, according to newly released documents. In addition to knowingly causing major dental damage known as “fluorosis” to whites and especially blacks through the controversial forced mass-medication scheme, federal health officials never even bothered to inform blacks about the risks. Despite the mounting scientific evidence of harm and the ethical concerns surrounding the involuntary medical treatment, authorities across the United States continue fluoridating public water supplies.

America now has her second Ebola victim, a nurse who contracted the disease from Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan despite having protective gear. What does this say about the government's ability to protect Americans? And what does the fact that Washington won't ban travelers from Ebola-affected nations say about its will to do so?

Are Barack Obama and other open-border advocates playing Ebola roulette with American lives in the name of ideology?