Are Barack Obama and other open-border advocates playing Ebola roulette with American lives in the name of ideology?

VIDEO - New American senior editor William F. Jasper explains how government creates monopolies for the politically favored and outlaws competition through so-called "Certificate of Need" laws.
VIDEO - The healthcare industry makes up one-fifth of the U.S. economy. With the out of control government spending, is it in our best interest to have them nationalize the industry? Bill Jasper talks about alternatives if this were the case with ObamaCare - he paid a visit to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, where they provide services for a fraction of the price of the market.

Government-managed and -controlled healthcare is not the answer to our spiraling out-of-control medical costs. But if this is not the answer, what is?

A California healthcare department has ruled that all health insurance policies in the state must cover abortion, even if the individual or employer paying for the coverage objects.

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