The free market in health care services which is already in place awaits the pending collapse of ObamaCare, ready to provide those services at lower costs without the mandates.

According to an article published this month in Consumer Reports, the number of children taking antipsychotic drugs is rising at alarming rates. Research shows that those numbers have nearly tripled over the last decade, not simply because there is a sudden increase in the number of children with schizophrenia or any other serious mental illness, but because more doctors are prescribing drugs to treat behavioral problems.


The Obama administration recently exempted from ObamaCare's individual mandate all Americans whose health insurance policies have been cancelled under the law.

Midnight December 23 marks the deadline for Americans to sign up for health insurance and pay in full in order to have their coverage begin on January 1. This deadline will serve as a major test of how much public interest in ObamaCare still remains after the disastrous launch of its website on October 1.



Republican stalwarts claim to want smaller government, including less involvement in healthcare, but their occasional constitutional rhetoric seldom is followed by proper action.