Health Care

On Tuesday, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would allow the Plan B One-Step contraceptive to be sold without prescription to females as young as 15. The announcement amends a December 2011 decision that prohibited the sale of emergency contraceptives to all females of reproductive age without restriction, which had been overturned by a U.S. District judge on April 5. According to the FDA, its latest announcement was not prompted by the judge’s ruling, but is based on a study released by the company that makes the Plan B drug.

Because ObamaCare will force it to cover many people with expensive conditions, Maryland's largest insurer is proposing a 25-percent rate increase for individuals in 2014.

Several family-run businesses owned by people of faith have successfully defended their right to freely exercise their religion against attack by the Obama administration.

Regal Entertainment Group, the nation's largest movie theater chain, is reducing employees' work hours in an effort to escape ObamaCare's employee mandate.

Tens of thousands of people will be hired at $20 or more per hour to help Americans navigate ObamaCare's insurance exchanges, a proposed federal rule reveals.

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