Because of the embarrassingly low ObamaCare enrollment figures, the administration has not been entirely forthcoming with the actual data. And what information is being revealed is reported to be highly misleading.



The ObamaCare exchange at is so insecure that multiple cyber-security experts and lawmakers are calling for it to be shut down. In addition, professionals are warning potential users to beware of the gaping security flaws, which could expose the most private and intimate data of Americans trying to buy health insurance through the federal government’s so-called “marketplace” to hackers and criminals. In other words, the personal and medical information of anyone deciding to use the website — millions of Americans have already lost their insurance policies owing to ObamaCare, Obama’s known lies about “you can keep it” notwithstanding — may end up in the hands of whoever wants it. Identity thieves are among the primary concerns. 

Volunteer fire departments across the nation, with the aid of at least one congressman, are fighting to ensure that they are not subjected to ObamaCare's costly employer mandate.

Members of Congress and their staffers have abortion coverage available to them in health plans under ObamaCare, breaking both the law and Obama's promises.

ObamaCare continues struggling to stay afloat after its disastrous launch on October 1. With the healthcare website plagued by significant glitches and low enrollment numbers, some are wondering if the president's signature law will even be able to ride out its first year. Much of its survival depends on the registration of young, healthy, and uninsured Americans; however, data reveal that very few people matching that criteria have signed up for insurance, and many seem to have no intention to do so.