The Times provided a much-needed insight into the politics and principles guiding those few statesmen who are determined to repeal ObamaCare and begin the long trek back to freedom.

The messy launch of ObamaCare sets the stage for the eventual elimination of all exchanges and insurance companies in favor of a single-payer national healthcare system.


Individual health insurance rates are going up significantly in Kentucky — in at least one case, by almost 200 percent — because of ObamaCare.

House Republicans seeking to "defund" ObamaCare may find more ammunition for that battle in reports that the lower premiums expected from the insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act will be accompanied by fewer choices of doctors and hospitals.

The Home Depot announced that it will be dropping health coverage for its roughly 20,000 part-time employees, leaving them to buy subsidized coverage on ObamaCare's insurance exchanges.

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