A new poll finds that small-business owners are slashing jobs, work hours, and expansion plans in advance of ObamaCare's implementation, about which they are extremely pessimistic.

Despite already widespread shortages of U.S. primary care doctors, less than 25 percent of new physicians are entering the primary care field, and less than five percent head to rural areas.

A proposed ObamaCare regulation would require insurance exchanges to share individuals' personal health information with a variety of state and federal agencies.

On Thursday the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that patents on human genes are now void, while the successful creation of synthetic genes may continue to be patented. Both sides of the lawsuit celebrated victory.


In November 2010, a significant number of members of Congress were ousted from their posts because of their votes for the passage of ObamaCare earlier that year. This year, a number of lawmakers may also be leaving their jobs as a result of the healthcare legislation — except this time it’s voluntary: in fear of the rising costs of their health insurance premiums.





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