VIDEO - Colin Gunn, director of IndoctriNation, offers his viewpoints on universal healthcare. He touches on his upcoming film, focusing on the Affordable Healthcare Act, and what problems will arise because of it.

A four-judge panel of the New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division unanimously upheld an earlier decision overturning New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on super-sized sodas.

Three former employees of a Wilmington, Delaware Planned Parenthood clinic testified before the state legislature that the organization repeatedly put women's lives at risk, performing after-hours abortions without additional staff and maintaining unsanitary conditions.


Under ObamaCare, the federal government is building a computer system linking federal and state agencies and containing a vast amount of personal information on all Americans.

Thanks to recent Obama administration rulings, people wanting taxpayer-subsidized health insurance next year can get it even if they aren't eligible for it.

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