Health officials are encouraging Americans to get vaccinated for the flu, as there are a significant number of flu shots available this year. Thus far, 85 million flu shots have been distributed of the 135 million doses for this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But some critics assert that it is more dangerous for Americans to acquire the flu shot than the flu.

Mitt Romney said it's "a compliment" when President Obama calls him "the grandfather of ObamaCare." Yet RomneyCare, the prototype for ObamaCare, has hardly been a rousing success.

Taxpayers are funding a “public relations” marketing contract to promote ObamaCare worth almost $1 million so far that will include working with Hollywood to promote the controversial federal healthcare takeover in popular TV shows. Critics blasted the deal as an effort to use propaganda to drum up support for Obama’s deeply unpopular signature statute, which polls show a majority of Americans hope to repeal.



Dr. Thomas Szasz's passing leaves a legacy in the fight for freedom on an uncommon battleground: psychiatry and its use of force and coercion in its treatments of those diagnosed with various forms of mental illness. 

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced a new “wellness program” for all city employees and their spouses (or domestic partners or civil-union spouses). “Our program will change lives, make our workforce healthier, and save taxpayers money,” Emanuel said.

The program, called Chicago Lives Healthy, is technically voluntary; but those refusing to participate in it will be penalized $50 a month per covered adult. In other words, it’s only voluntary if a couple wants to forego $1,200 a year.

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