Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Medicus Firm recently conducted a survey showing that one third of all practicing physicians will stop practicing medicine if President Obama signs the current "healthcare reform" legislation into law. The inclusion of the public option in the legislation will raise that number to approximately 45 percent.

A special United States “vaccine court” dismissed three cases Friday that were attempting to establish a link between mercury-containing immunizations and autism, prompting outrage among parents convinced of the connection.

medicine moneyEven if the Obama administration is able to persuade (or bludgeon) enough Democrats into passing his latest version of healthcare, it would still be financial lunacy.

President Barack Obama does not know how to take a hint. Despite Scott Brown’s remarkable victory in the special senatorial election in Massachusetts and the momentous maneuvering in nearly every state to block federal healthcare demands, President Obama continues his Sisyphean labor of rolling this giant ball of taxes, penalties, and mandates up Capitol Hill, across the Tenth Amendment, and onto the backs of working Americans.

CSPAN was the broadcaster of Thursday’s bipartisan healthcare summit. The political cenacle convened at Blair House in the nation’s capitol to hash out a compromise agreement for the still very unpopular A to Z restructuring (read: nationalization) of the American healthcare industry (from the insurance policies that cover treatment to the method and manner of the treatment itself).