swine vaccineHealthcare workers in the state of New York are resisting and protesting government-mandated vaccinations against the seasonal and swine influenzas, drawing a great deal of media coverage.

leg in castThe Senate Finance Committee led by Max Baucus (D-Mont.) on September 29 voted 15-8 against including a public health insurance plan in the panel’s proposed healthcare reform legislation.

humanaAfter Humana, one of the largest private insurers in America, sent a letter to its customers to inform them how upcoming healthcare legislation could affect their benefits, Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) instigated an investigation that effectively stifled Humana’s communication efforts.

Judge NapolitanoJudicial analyst and former federal judge Andrew Napolitano blasted a controversial bill in Massachusetts and warned that the public would resist. During an interview on Fox News, the well-known freedom advocate also described various powers the legislation purports to authorize — e.g., forcibly quarantining residents without a warrant — in the name of quelling a public-health threat such as that supposedly presented by the swine flu virus.  And he told the Fox News show host that the legislation appeared to be on track for passage.

BaucusSenator Max Baucus introduced the first “deficit neutral” healthcare legislation on September 16, but the bill would increase most people's healthcare premiums and still “break the federal budget” — if you believe President Obama's July 22 prime time address to the American people. Back then, Obama stated: “We also know that with health care inflation on the curve that it's on we are guaranteed to see Medicare and Medicaid basically break the federal budget.”