VIDEO - Professor Steve Byas talks about the recent videos that surfaced online raising even more questions about Planned Parenthood's operation. Professor Byas talks about how this is a lighting rod of an opportunity and that Americans should continue to press the issue.

Over 300,000 veterans died while waiting for the Veterans Administration to process a backlog of 867,000 healthcare records, a new inspector general's report says.

What, exactly, is the Blue Zones Project? And what does it entail for an American community to become a Blue Zone? At least one element is clear: The sweeping program aims to involve everyone — from your boss to your sheriff to your children — and to “nudge” individuals into desired behaviors and values.   

Abortion advocates are in an uproar as Ohio lawmakers consider House Bill 135, which would prohibit the abortion of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. Statistics show that 50 to 80 percent of pregnancies where this disorder is present end in abortion. If this bill is approved, it would make Ohio the second state in the nation with laws of this nature.

Until now, stillborn children under 20 weeks could be considered "medical waste" by Texas hospitals and disposed of as such, not allowing the parents access to the body. Thanks to Joshua and Erica Raef of Amarillo, Texas, a new state law will take effect on September 1 permitting parents to properly bury their stillborn infants, regardless of the stage of development.

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