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Sessions Warns Obama On "Exceedingly Dangerous" Executive Action

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Congress and the American people "will not stand" for altering or suspending the nation's immigration law by executive action, Senator Jeff Sessions (shown, R-Ala.) said in a Senate speech Monday, warning that the president is planning to lead the nation into "exceedingly dangerous waters."

"Congress makes laws, the executive branch executes those laws. It's that simple," the three-term senator said in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor. Sessions warned of a constitutional crisis if President Obama follows through on his promise to act "without Congress" to achieve immigration reform.

"Such calculated action strains the constitutional structure of our republic," Sessions said. "Such unlawful and unconstitutional action, if taken, cannot stand. No Congress, Republican or Democrat, can allow such action to occur or to be maintained. The people will not stand for it. They must not stand for it," he continued.

Sessions was a vocal opponent of the bipartisan immigration reform bill the Senate passed by a vote 68-32 last year, saying at the time that the granting of legal status and a path to citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants is "not coterminous with, not in harmony with, the nation as a whole." Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said the Republican-controlled House will not act on the bill this year, a decision an obviously angry Obama denounced when addressing reporters in the White House Rose Garden on June 30.

"And in this situation, the failure of the House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it's bad for our economy and it's bad for our future," the president said in announcing "a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can, on my own, without Congress." Obama and his aides met that day with representatives of groups pushing immigration reform to discuss plans for moving on the issue before the November midterm elections, according to various media reports. "He seems resolute that he's going to go big and go soon," Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-reform group America's Voice, told Time magazine.

Obama issued a "policy directive" in June of 2013, instructing Justice Department and Homeland Security officials to cease deportation proceedings against, and to grant temporary work permits to, illegal immigrants under 30 who arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday. That, said Sessions, has "created an unprecedented, unlawful flow of more young people" into the country. For the president to now grant millions of adults "amnesty by executive order," he added, "will collapse any remaining moral authority of our immigration law, undermine the sovereignty, really, of our nation." The senator's advice to the president is "pull back."

"It is utterly unacceptable for you to meet with special interest groups, La Raza and others, and then promise action that is contrary to law," Sessions said, adding that he was not suggesting any "parley or any compromise. There is no middle ground on nullifying immigration law by the President."

Sessions made no mention of impeachment, a subject that has been bandied about between Republicans and Democrats since former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called for Obama's impeachment if he takes further action to prevent enforcement of immigration laws. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) seconded that view over the past weekend, saying on Breitbart News Saturday that if the president takes such action, "we need to bring impeachment hearings immediately before the House of Representatives. That's my position and that's my prediction." Speaker Boehner has ruled out any impeachment vote and made no mention of immigration in an op-ed article explaining why the House will bring suit against the president over executive orders delaying provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Democrats are claiming House Republicans plan to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president if their party wins control of the Senate this November, while Republicans say the Democrats are talking up impeachment as scare tactics to spur campaign contributions.

With Congress due to begin a five-week recess on Friday, Sessions called for "Congressional action this week to bar unilateral, imperial action by the President" and prevent "what could be a constitutional crisis." He urged his colleagues to end "acquiescence to executive overreach" and pass legislation now to bar work permits for millions more illegal immigrants in a time of high unemployment, "thereby protecting American workers."

"If President Obama is not stopped in this action, and he exceeds his powers by attempting to execute such a massive amnesty contrary to law," he warned, "the moral authority for any immigration enforcement henceforth will be eviscerated. Anyone, the world over, will get the message: Get into America by any method you can and you will never have to leave. We are almost there, but it is not too late."

Photo of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.): AP Images


  • Comment Link Old Mullet Thursday, 31 July 2014 23:59 posted by Old Mullet

    While Mr. Sessions has the right verbiage, we can only hope he is able to persuade the "doers" more than the talkers to make the right moves.
    Next some astute Congressperson will announce it is wrong and that Congress should not write laws in their own interest (pay, insurance, retirement, arrest, etc.). In fact, they should represent what the citizens want rather than placate and head pet them. Of course after the smoke and lightning dies down they all go to dinner and a play telling each other how easy it is to flim-flam the very citizens they serve (up for dinner). We have been fed lip service so long that not even the diatribes mean anything, much like the adults in the background of "Charlie Brown" movies (wahka, wahka, wahka...). Look at the personal lives of these men and women. What are they doing for America on their own dime? How many contracts does their family get due to their position? More bridges to nowhere than we know via politics and our tax dollars.

  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Wednesday, 30 July 2014 22:02 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    If you go to http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&Itemid=828&id=38&nameid=S001141 , you'll see that Senator Sessions' Freedom Index Score is 71%. This is higher than most, but it is lower than that of what real Americanists.Senators should have, such s Senator Rand Paul's 94%.

  • Comment Link Nora Tuesday, 29 July 2014 22:50 posted by Nora

    PJ's got it right. All talk, no changes. It's time to clean house in D.C. Get the arrest warrants ready and lets put some commies in handcuffs!

  • Comment Link GVH Tuesday, 29 July 2014 20:22 posted by GVH

    Quite please, you are going to wake up Boehner...our watch dog

  • Comment Link PJ Tuesday, 29 July 2014 19:50 posted by PJ

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can ALL continually talk about it. I get to where I don't even read the "promises" anymore. You all said you won't stand for it, it's not acceptable, blah blah blah about Syria, about Benghazi, about TSA, about IRS, about VA; you all said that every time the dictator changed BO care to fit his agenda, and now you're saying it on immigration? Blah blah blah. You are a WORTHLESS administration. No one believes a word you say anymore. You have allowed BO to ignore and circumvent our Constitution and the checks and balances. You do NOTHING about STOPPING the dictator. You are as treasonous as he is because you too have broken your oath to defend the Constitution and America. We need to LITERALLY clean out WA DC and start over again with people who LOVE America. This ENTIRE administration has PROVEN how much they DESPISE America and want to "fundamentally transform" our way of life! They're succeeding because of a bunch of commie democrats! I'm so tired of the TALK and absolutely ZERO action. We have bill after bill, committee after committee, investigation after investigation and all you're doing is APPEASING the American people, because NO ONE is EVER held accountable. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

  • Comment Link John Warren Tuesday, 29 July 2014 18:10 posted by John Warren

    Mr. Sessions is to be highly commended for his courageous and unequivocal stand about this immigration issue. I am proud to be an Alabamian with such a bold senator. It's time for all our senators and representatives who subscribe to the belief that a nation is defined by it's language, culture, and borders to stand with Mr. Sessions on this issue regardless of their political affiliation. It's absurd that the TSA humiliates American citizens with pat downs, etc.(with very little national security benefit to show for it) while we have criminals pouring across our southern borders unchecked everyday and our border agents have their hands tied and can't do anything about it. How can we continue to allow such a contradiction in law enforcement? The law is clear: if here illegally, you are a criminal and subject to deportation. It's not cruel. It's a matter of national security, sovereignty, and only fair to those who entered lawfully. May the Lord wake the other politicians up to act before this lawlessness descends this country into utter lawlessness and chaos.

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