VIDEO - Recently the National Border Patrol Council endorsed candidate Doug Applegate as representative for California. In this surprising endorsement, immigration expert Andy Ramirez examines Applegate's stance on immigration policy. His findings will leave you scratching your head as to why the NBPC has decided to stand behind him. Applegate is running against incumbent Representative Darrell Issa, who has historically been tied to controversy.
VIDEO - In this report, Andy Ramirez addresses the murders and kidnappings that have hit ranchers on the U.S.-Mexico border.
VIDEO - A recent study stated that illegal immigrants are exiting the United States in greater numbers than they’re arriving. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez investigates the source of the study, and also the numbers themselves.
VIDEO - In a recent speech given by President Barack Obama in Turkey - he calls out Americans for wanting religion to be a deciding factor in regard to refugee admittance to the United States. Andy Ramirez investigates the actual U.S. law behind the process for admitting refugees, and it ends up contradicting what the President has stated.
VIDEO - ISIS has been reported capable of printing their own Syrian passports by the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to this report, an anonymous source from the Department of Defense reports to The New American that the United States is not performing background checks on refugees which are being brought into the country. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez also examines the refugee admission numbers that the White House released in a memorandum, and how the administration is not following its own standard which they set back in September.
VIDEO - Andy Ramirez reports on the current state of the Syrian refugee screening process. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey gave contradicting statements in hearings regarding the abilities that the United States has when screening refugees before allowing the access to America.
VIDEO - Andy Ramirez reports on a recent vote that was voted down in Oregon regarding providing driver licenses for illegal aliens. Andy talks about the results and repercussions of the vote and what it really says about how citizens feel about illegal immigration.
VIDEO - Recently the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council came out and endorsed Donald Trump for President. While giving their reasons, they listed that only 5% supported Hillary Clinton's policies on immigration, which include reform. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez expands on the information provided by the council and those currently working within the White House.
VIDEO - DHS's rebranded mission statement appears to be nothing more than a PR move, despite it being contrived of submissions by thousands of field agents.

VIDEO - In a speech given by Sec. of DHS Jeh Johnson, he spoke of United States law in regard to illegal immigration. Andy Ramirez examines the context of Johnson's speech and explains how the Obama administration is granting illegal aliens special privileges in the United States.

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