Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. DiazDedicated to all law-enforcement officers who serve honorably each day knowing what it could cost them by doing so, and to those we lost.

Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz, Jr. was on duty at 1:30 a.m. on October 16, 2008 when he responded to a call in the Eagle Pass Border Patrol Station’s area of responsibility. A number of illegal aliens were attempting to cross the border into Texas. Agent Diaz apprehended and handcuffed one of the individuals while his fellow agents chased after the others who had scattered into the night. The border crossers, it turned out, were drug “mules,” their backpacks loaded with 150 pounds of marijuana.

American Catholic bishops, equating socialism with true Christian charity, have long been allies of the radical Left in its plans to socialize the American economy. Now they wish to alter the demographic landscape of the United States with unfettered immigration, and are encouraging Catholics to help undermine the effort to ensure that foreign workers are legally employed in the United States.

Leftist New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (pictured) says U.S. immigration policy is “national suicide.”

But Bloomberg did not mean the de facto policy of open borders that permits anyone, legally or no, to enter the country. Instead, he believes — against all evidence — that the United States must admit more immigrants.

Texas has joined Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, and host of other states in the battle against illegal immigration, and illegal alien activists are just an angry in the Lone Star State as they are in the others.

The state Senate has passed a law that permits police to question the immigration status of arrestees and those they legally detain. And, importantly, cities in Texas will no longer be permitted to establish themselves as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

National correspondent Andy Ramirez of the Liberty News Network stepped up his criticism of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) labor union on several fronts in a new video report released over the weekend (below), addressing multiple issues including the case of jailed Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz, Jr. and some of the union’s shortcomings.