Proving that there may yet exist men who value principle over patronage, famed Arizona lawman Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested three of his own people Tuesday.

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona were killed in the line of duty after a freight train struck the SUV they were traveling in, reported national correspondent Andy Ramirez of the Liberty News Network. (Watch video below.)

The day after President Obama declared that the U.S. border with Mexico is secure, three lawmen from Texas showed up at a congressional hearing and destroyed his claim.

Obama was merely repeating falsehoods earlier uttered by his Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, whose repeated insistence that the border is secure was, again, proven false by a more competent authority.

At least one high-level union official is being accused of “sabotaging” jailed Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz’s case by making controversial public statements even as the union has essentially abandoned its dues-paying former member, national correspondent Andy Ramirez of the Liberty News Network reported (video below).

In a new video report featuring another exclusive interview with the former agent‘s wife, Diana, Ramirez blasted the union’s behavior and appealed for concerned citizens to get involved. Diana is also asking for help.

Following President Obama’s immigration proclamation from El Paso, the Democratic leadership in Congress has reintroduced the DREAM Act, a key plank in the “comprehensive immigration reform” platform.