Families of victims denounce “treason” of politicians in both parties, as studies show illegal alien criminals are filling our prisons and causing a violent crime tsunami.



Hundreds of distraught ranchers and other citizens living near the increasingly dangerous U.S.-Mexico border met with elected officials in the small town of Animas, New Mexico, over the weekend to share their horror stories of lawlessness and plead for proper border security.

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu declared that the Obama administration "has handcuffed the Border Patrol."

Twin policies of the Obama administration are set to “surge” a huge tsunami of unaccompanied children across our southern border, along with a ramped-up program to surge more Muslim “refugees” from Africa, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget for fiscal 2017 will fund 300 fewer Border Patrol agents in 2017 than it did for this fiscal year, reported KRGV.com on March 1. KRGV.com is the website of KRGV, local ABC affiliate television station for the Rio Grand Valley in far south Texas.

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