Twin policies of the Obama administration are set to “surge” a huge tsunami of unaccompanied children across our southern border, along with a ramped-up program to surge more Muslim “refugees” from Africa, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget for fiscal 2017 will fund 300 fewer Border Patrol agents in 2017 than it did for this fiscal year, reported on March 1. is the website of KRGV, local ABC affiliate television station for the Rio Grand Valley in far south Texas.

It appears that President Barack Obama finds himself at odds with his own Border Patrol over his policy of not taking care that immigration laws be faithfully executed.

A report issued on February 6 by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General identified  “security issues” (such as inoperable security cameras) at six Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Forward Operating Bases (FOB) along our nation’s Southwest border.

At a summit in Austin, Texas, last week underwitten by the Ford Foundation, speakers called for immigration reform (amnesty) in order to gain more efficiencies in the system, and touted the importance of immigrants to the economy of Texas.



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