Lawrence R. Samuel wrote an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on November 15 in which he labels the federation of states forming our constitutional republic as “an anachronism that now has little or no real value.”

VIDEO - With all of the unrest and attention of Donald Trump becoming President-elect last week, one of the larger stories that has fallen through the cracks was the defeat of long time Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona. Arpaio has served as Sheriff since 1993 and has been in the headlines for many controversial items, including his position on illegal immigration and President Obama’s qualifications for the White House. So what’s next for the Sheriff? Immigration expert Andy Ramirez has some suggestions.

Three Tea Party groups that applied for nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) several years ago have finally received determinations from the tax agency on their applications, though two of them have been denied tax-exempt status. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which represents the Tea Party groups in a case against the IRS over the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, contends that the lengthy deliberations and recent denials are evidence that the IRS continues its corrupt practices, including singling out conservative organizations for punishment.

VIDEO - Recently the National Border Patrol Council endorsed candidate Doug Applegate as representative for California. In this surprising endorsement, immigration expert Andy Ramirez examines Applegate's stance on immigration policy. His findings will leave you scratching your head as to why the NBPC has decided to stand behind him. Applegate is running against incumbent Representative Darrell Issa, who has historically been tied to controversy.
VIDEO - After first trying to make Marc Turi the fall guy for the Obama administration's arming of Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria via the Hillary Clinton State Department, the politicized DOJ abruptly dropped the case. The reason: Protect Obama and Clinton from being exposed as the architects of the illegal and potentially treasonous arming of designated terror groups after the judge ruled that evidence about these policies could be used in court.

Fifty years ago, Hungary's people made a brave stand against Soviet tyranny. They failed to win their freedom because they were betrayed by the U.S. government.

VIDEO - Andy Ramirez covers the Supreme Court case "Little Sisters of the Poor v. Health and Human Services" which deals with contraceptive coverage and the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.
VIDEO - In this report, Andy Ramirez addresses the murders and kidnappings that have hit ranchers on the U.S.-Mexico border.
VIDEO - Convention of States’ recently posted a quote from the late Justice Antonin Scalia giving his support for a Constitutional Convention. Christian Gomez investigates the timing and context of the quote, along with Scalia’s stance on a convention during his time as a Justice of the Supreme Court.
VIDEO - A recent study stated that illegal immigrants are exiting the United States in greater numbers than they’re arriving. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez investigates the source of the study, and also the numbers themselves.

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