VIDEO - DHS's rebranded mission statement appears to be nothing more than a PR move, despite it being contrived of submissions by thousands of field agents.

VIDEO - A recently released White House “playbook” shows Obama is illegally operating a drone strike program that basically allows him to kill whomever the administration pleases. This sounds overly dramatic, but it’s simply the truth. There have been numerous Americans who have been killed via drone strike who have not been given a trial by jury. Instead they have been murdered in cold blood by the judge, jury, and executioner himself.

VIDEO - Christian Gomez discusses his article "Progressive Patty" which examines the career of Patty Murray of Washington. He uncovers particular information from her bio, including her ties to Marxism and unconditional support of multilateral treaties.

Thanks to the heroic actions of two Oklahoma City police officers, a two-year-old boy is saved from an apartment fire.

VIDEO - In the latest issue of The New American, the establishment gangs up on Trump, and the nominees for all parties running for President are examined.

Professors at the University of Texas attempted to block a new campus carry law from taking effect on their campus, but their request for an injunction was denied by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. According to the court, the professors were not entitled to a preliminary injunction against the law that went into effect on August 1. However, the professors’ lawsuit against the campus carry law is still being pursued.

VIDEO - In a speech given by Sec. of DHS Jeh Johnson, he spoke of United States law in regard to illegal immigration. Andy Ramirez examines the context of Johnson's speech and explains how the Obama administration is granting illegal aliens special privileges in the United States.

VIDEO - Christian Gomez and Constance McDaniel dive into the latest issue, which covers Scandinavian Socialism, U.S. Military serving the United Nations, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's voting record.

VIDEO - Andy Ramirez shares Border Patrol reaction to Mark Morgan who was recently named chief of CBP. The National Border Patrol Council also issued a statement on the hire and shared their disappointment in the move.

VIDEO - With the recent multiple police attacks, many in positions of power have amped up their plan to nationalize the police. Alex Newman exposes more of this unconstitutional agenda and how you can help solve the problem of corrupt police officers, right in your local police departments. Newman also shares how you can resist nationalization by supporting the independence of local police, rejecting federal grants and regulations and staying educated on these issues.

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