VIDEO - With the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, Department of Homeland Security expert Andy Ramirez discusses the problems and fixes that appointed Secretary John F. Kelly will have his work cut out for.

VIDEO - With the release of the newest Freedom Index, John Larabell and Christian Gomez cover the votes that were tabluated as well as highlight results of particular interest.

On Monday the Washington Post expended 2,000 words in a lengthy correction for errors made in its original 1,500-word article claiming there was a Russian attempt to hack a Vermont utility.

When Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer learned of Trump’s intention to dissolve his foundation to avoid any conflicts of interest, he said: “I’ve got to tell you, this is what leadership looks like.”

Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., asked his customers to turn his stores into gun-free zones.

Two pro-Trump college students accused of racist and aggressive behavior by students who supported Hillary Clinton have been exonerated of any wrongdoing by Babson College officials after an investigation found no evidence of misconduct.

VIDEO - Donald Trump has his mind set on retired General John F. Kelly to serve as Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez covers Kelly’s credentials for the position along with statements given by various entities on the General. Ramirez also goes into details about what kind of changes we can expect with General Kelly at the helm of DHS.
VIDEO - Following President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Andy Ramirez gives a reactionary summary of what the American people can expect. Senator Sessions is known as a staunch opposer of illegal immigration and is also considered to be a man of the law. Given the track record of the previous Attorneys General, the selection of Senator Sessions is going to be a complete change in direction and performance.

Lawrence R. Samuel wrote an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on November 15 in which he labels the federation of states forming our constitutional republic as “an anachronism that now has little or no real value.”

VIDEO - With all of the unrest and attention of Donald Trump becoming President-elect last week, one of the larger stories that has fallen through the cracks was the defeat of long time Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona. Arpaio has served as Sheriff since 1993 and has been in the headlines for many controversial items, including his position on illegal immigration and President Obama’s qualifications for the White House. So what’s next for the Sheriff? Immigration expert Andy Ramirez has some suggestions.

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