Combining cultural conservatism and economic populism, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee kicked off his campaign for the White House in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas, Tuesday.

Texas State Representative David Simpson filed a bill to repeal civil asset forfeiture, and protect the property of innocent third parties, joining New Mexico in an effort to prohibit forfeiture until a conviction is obtained.

Dr. Ben Carson already has the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Now he wants the presidency.

The Supreme Court hearings on same-sex "marriage" have provided the Left with yet another opportunity to unfairly smear the reputation of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy.

On April 30, the House Judiciary Committee approved the USA Freedom Act by a vote of 25-2. A description of the legislation on the Judiciary Committee website notes that it would prohibit bulk collection of all records under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, prevent government overreach, and establish procedures for individual companies to challenge nondisclosure orders. The vote allows the bill, H.R. 2048, to go to the House floor for a vote, where passage is expected later this month.


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