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RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney

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Drowning out shouting Ron Paul supporters is not an easy thing to do. Republican delegates voting for Mitt Romney found this out Tuesday as Paul’s contingent chanted “Point of Order” and “Let Him Speak” as they witnessed the rewriting of the GOP rules, clearing the way for the unchallenged coronation of the now-official Republican nominee for president — Mitt Romney.

The RNC’s rule change effectively disenfranchised Republicans supporting anyone other than the Establishment’s man and left 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates locked out of the process, preventing them from casting votes for Ron Paul.

Railroaded and rejected, the unseated Maine delegates walked out of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, leaving the convention in the hands of the predetermined winner and his proxies.

“It’s a disgusting, disgusting display of a hostile takeover from the top down,” said Maine delegate Ashley Ryan, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. “It’s an embarrassment,” she’s quoted as saying.

Maine wasn’t alone in expressing its displeasure and disgust at the RNC’s pro-Romney rule manipulation.

Wayne Terhune, chairman of the Nevada delegation, reported that his state joined at least four others in submitting to the secretary of the convention, Kim Reynolds, valid and timely documents nominating Ron Paul.

“We are excited to get Dr. Paul nominated,” Terhune said. “Congressman Paul’s message of limited, Constitutional government, sound foreign policy, and personal liberty needs to be heard on this convention floor.”

Minnesota delegate Gary Heyer confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that his state joined Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands in submitting the forms to Reynolds.

The Los Angeles Times also reported:

Gary Heyer, a delegate from Minnesota, confirmed that his state was among those submitting papers showing a majority of delegates favoring Paul. Their goal, he said, is simply “to get him into nomination, so everybody here has a choice. If they vote for Romney and he's democratically elected, then he's democratically elected. We just want a choice.”

Disregarding the nominating rule and the Ron Paul delegates’ adherence thereto, when the roll call was read only the votes for Mitt Romney were announced. The nomination of Ron Paul was ignored in open and hostile violation of the RNC’s rules governing the presidential nomination process. No explanation. No chance for appeal. No recourse.

According to RNC Rule 40(b) in effect until Tuesday’s revisions:

Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

Ron Paul unquestionably qualified for nomination under this rule, but he was denied placement on the ballot — and an opportunity to address the convention on behalf of his nomination — in what amounts to a total takeover of the Republican Party by the RNC and Mitt Romney.

Additional rule changes all but guaranteed that in the future the RNC will not allow itself to be embarrassed by “grassroots” candidates.

Not only did the RNC rob Ron Paul of delegates he won fairly at the Maine state convention, it prevented any who follow in his footsteps from winning any delegates in the first place.

According to the revised Rule 16, every state must amend its nominating process to ensure that their delegations are bound to vote in accordance with the winner of the popular vote as cast at state caucuses or primaries.

Another newly adopted rule — Rule 12 — empowers the RNC to bend the rules to suit their needs at any time without having changes approved at the quadrennial convention. This unprecedented revision places the control of the GOP in the hands of the Establishment candidate without suffering the inconvenience of listening to dissenting voices.

Prior to the roll call that would formally confirm the nomination of Mitt Romney for president, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced the results of the voice vote on the accepting of state delegation credentials as Paul supporters chanted “Seat them now! Seat them now!” 

A Reason magazine blog reports that “boos rained down on the floor,” but the wheels were in motion and nothing would slow their roll toward Romney’s nomination.

Having successfully rammed the unseating of the Maine delegation down the throats of party members, House Speaker John Boehner than called for a voice vote on the revised RNC rules that will govern the party’s nomination process in 2016.

Despite what many report as an equal volume of “ayes” and “nays,” the parliamentarian announced the acceptance of the rules. Fait accompli.

Dailypaul.com reported that the final delegate vote count was 2,061 for Mitt Romney; 190 for Ron Paul; nine for Rick Santorum; one for Buddy Roehmer; one for Jon Hunstman; one for Michele Bachmann; and 18 abstentions.

At least one delegate from each of the following states voted for Ron Paul: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The Virgin Islands cast one vote for Dr. Paul, as well.

Although the events at the Republican convention were reminiscent of the electoral practices of the Soviet Union, circa 1980, where premiers were routinely re-elected by 99.9 percent of voters, Ron Paul told Fox New’s Neil Cavuto that “we knew what to expect.”

At his “We are the Future” rally held at the Sun Dome on Sunday, Paul expressed the same opinion of the party’s predetermined presidential nomination.

“They’ve learned how to bend rules, break rules, and now they want to re-write the rules!” the icon of the liberty movement told the nearly 10,000 devotees gathered to hear him speak.

Finally, regarding the Romney-Ryan nomination, Ron Paul reaffirmed that he has “not endorsed the ticket,” adding “I endorse the principles I’ve been talking about for a long time.”

Sadly, in the wake of the RNC’s disregard and dismantling of party rules and disenfranchising of duly elected delegates, there seems to be little room in the Republican Party for Dr. Paul, his principles, or the millions of Americans who cherish them.

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  • Comment Link Winford Nettles Thursday, 06 September 2012 20:43 posted by Winford Nettles

    What we are witnessing here is the suicide of the Republican Party. When they start acting like the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union in their internal party political dealings, when they operate with continuously variable principles, bendable and breakable rules, then, there is no honor among the thieves of the Republican Party.

    I will not vote for Obama or anyone like him, but, I cannot vote for a candidate whose nomination is based upon lying, cheating, and breaking the rules of fair play.

    Shame, Mr. Romney, shame on you. You have disgraced your party and you have disgraced your nation. Hang your head in shame as you approach Americans from now on.

  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Monday, 03 September 2012 10:07 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    Throughout the Mitt Romney campaign, educated Members of The John Birch Society can perceive the existence of the INSIDERS at work. Robert Welch coined the term INSIDERS in his epic speech, "The Truth in Time," (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwjA-Zom-io). More on the INSIDERS can be found in the video at http://www.jbs.org/birchtube/viewvideo/924/conspiracy/the-insiders--libertynewsnetwork .

    The INSIDERS whose aim is to eventually and stealthily transform the world into a World Socialist Police State under the United Nations, are deathly afraid of Ron Paul and of any movement to restore the United States to what its Founding Fathers intended. Therefore these difficult-to-detect conspirators will move heaven and earth to destroy the Ron Paul movement and any other Americanist movement, such as The John Birch Society.

    One can conclude that both Obama and Romney are INSIDER stooges, and that the election of either candidate will satisfy the goals of the INSIDERS.

    Mitt Romney's ferociousness in destroying Americanist movements is ominous.

    One can get the idea that Obama is from the International Socialist branch of the INSIDERS And Romney is from the National Socialist branch of the INSIDERS.

  • Comment Link Leo Loving Thursday, 30 August 2012 09:02 posted by Leo Loving

    No, Gene Swank, you just don't get it. The least legislation passed by Congress, the more liberty we have. Paul's strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution, voting for ONLY what that fragile document allows him by sworn oath to vote on reflects on the integrity and genius of the man. Some day, perhaps, you may come to understand the meaning of Paul's political philosophy of freedom and liberty, for it is sound and proven.

    Whenever I become involved in a political discussion I am reminded of a remark made by another Texas Congressman, Davy Crockett, who was so unhappy with his colleagues that, when leaving office he turned to them and said, "You all can go to hell, I'm going to Texas".

    As goes Congress, so goes the nation.

  • Comment Link Ron Thursday, 30 August 2012 07:13 posted by Ron

    I don't know why the Ron Paul people are so upset as having attended several conventions they have done the same thing by trying to change the rules so they can get in control. It is too bad Ron Paul didn't get to speak according to the rules but his speeches in the past would have been a negative for the Republican Party in the view of the "national media" and would not have helped getting Obama out of office.

    As mentioned in many of our GOP meeting where the Ron Paul people get to speak openly and participate in setting rules, etc, , is was agreed that we all need to unite inorder to get this anti-american president out of office. The problem at the present time is that Repbulicans are iritated at some of the things being done by Republicans. What they should be ititated about are all of the things the Obama administation is doing and unite to remove him. How about getting the truth about him so people know the "real" Obama. Support the Republican party fully now at this coming election or you won't have to worry about getting your voice heard in the future cause there won't be one.

  • Comment Link Gary Hardee Thursday, 30 August 2012 02:46 posted by Gary Hardee

    Perhaps something will happen to change my mind but for now I just want to point out that with the Democrat voter rolls larger than Republicans and most independents tending toward the Democrats, it has been, in my opinion, the libertarians and conservative independents that have delivered most of the GOP victories for more than 3 decades except for Reagan.
    By doing this to Ron Paul and all liberty patriots the RNC has made it extremely difficult for Romney to get elected. Votes in November will not be pro-Romney but anti-Obama and that is that only thing that might get them the victory. But I am predicting here and now that the Libertarian Party will see the greatest vote totals in that party's history and for good reason!
    Divisive fights and power plays like this were expected. Dirty tricks were expected. But this is nasty and for Romney to claim innocence is preposterous!
    This will embolden the liberty movement five fold and they will have lots of sympathizers in the fights ahead to clean the party of these nasty and underhanded double-dealers.It also shows that nearly 80% of the current insider operatives and delegates have little backbone or true principles. A sad day for America indeed!

  • Comment Link Gene R Swank Wednesday, 29 August 2012 22:19 posted by Gene R Swank

    Ron Paul is a whiny loser with no chance of ever being President. 26 years we paid him to be a congressman and he got 2 bills passed. Pretty sorry for what he has been paid by our tax money!!! He is not and never has been a consrvative or a Republican. He is and always will be a libertarian and those views do not set well with the American people.

  • Comment Link Connie Guest Wednesday, 29 August 2012 18:32 posted by Connie Guest

    The Republican party does not reflect the Republic. They reflect criminalism. (my own word) I would truly prefer to not vote at all in Nov, but that would be a vote for Obama and I WILL NOT do that! I must vote for Romney, but it goes against all my principles. When the election is over, I'm becoming a Libertarian...not that it matters. This could be the last election ever in America. I'm ashamed for all those corrupt people calling themselves Republicans.

  • Comment Link Raymond Decker Wednesday, 29 August 2012 18:11 posted by Raymond Decker

    This is typical of how rino's and progressive's work. They are no different than socialists and communists. There is no difference between Romney and Obama. Because of these tactics I will inform both my senators and my rino rep. that I will not vote for Romney. I will also inform the RNC and Boehner who is also a rino. The "republican" party is dead.

  • Comment Link REMant Wednesday, 29 August 2012 14:57 posted by REMant

    While I don't necessarily disagree with the idea of apportioning and binding delegates according to primary votes, I think we can do without the attempt at making Potemkin villages, hurricane or no. And it calls into question the Paul strategy.

  • Comment Link Michael Skaggs Wednesday, 29 August 2012 11:55 posted by Michael Skaggs

    I never believed I would say this. I believe the Democrats are more fair than the GOP on this subject. The last I heard, if you get a petition signed with 10 percent of the delegates, you could have a person placed in nomination. The Paul delegates plus those wanting a more fair and even convention could have gotten the 10 percent they needed.

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