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GOP Convention Recap; What Will Ron Paul Say on Leno Show?

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In the wake of his “rude” treatment at the Republican National Convention last week in Tampa, several Internet sites are repeating rumors that Ron Paul (R-Texas) will announce a third-party run for the White House.

Adding fuel to this fire is Dr. Paul’s scheduled appearance Tuesday night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A representative from the Tonight Show told The New American that it was not their policy to predict or publicize a guest’s purpose for going on the show.

Although during the primaries he repeatedly denied an intent to mount a third-party campaign, Dr. Paul may have reconsidered given the Republican National Committee’s hijacking of the Republican Party at the convention.

The affronts to the Paul campaign specifically and to the electoral process in general were many.

First, the RNC denied credential to 10 Ron Paul delegates from Maine, robbing Paul of a majority of that state’s delegation. One disgusted Maine delegate described this decision as a “huge slap in the face.”

Next, as the Convention Rules Committee met August 28, the Romney campaign lawyer, Ben Ginsberg, showed up and pressured members to accept radical changes to the party’s rules governing the binding of delegates and the way rules are to be revised in the future.

According to the revised Rule 15 (to be renumbered as Rule 16 in the new rule book) as proposed by Ginsberg, every state must amend its nominating process to ensure that their delegations are bound to vote in accordance with the winner of the popular vote as cast at state caucuses or primaries.

Ginsberg’s version of Rule 12 empowers the RNC to bend its own rules to suit their needs at any time without submitting the changes to party members gathered at the quadrennial convention. This unprecedented revision places the control of the GOP in the hands of the Establishment candidate without suffering the inconvenience of listening to dissenting voices. In the future the nomination of an incumbent Republican president is guaranteed and upon leaving office, he will be able to name his chosen successor through manipulation of the party rules.

Curiously, the driver of a bus carrying the delegate holding the official objections to the proposed rule changes circled the venue refusing to stop, causing that delegate to arrive too late to file the objections. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) then proceeded to call for a vote on Ginsberg’s rewrite of the Republican rulebook.

Standing at the podium and reading from a teleprompter, Boehner instructed those in favor of the rules to say “aye” and those opposed to say “nay.”

Video of the vote clearly demonstrates that those against the adoption of the Romney-friendly rules numbered at least as many as those in favor. In light of the closeness of the voice vote, Boehner should have called for a roll call vote rather than a voice vote. But in another example of unexplained deviation from applicable Republican Party protocol, Boehner ignored the dissenting votes, declaring, “The ayes have it.”

More shocking than the Speaker’s ignoring of the dissenting votes is the revelations that came through cell phone video posted to the Internet only minutes after this “vote.” These videos record the script scrolling on Boehner’s teleprompter and reveal that the adoption of the rules was scripted and that the new rules weren’t voted on at all. Regardless of how long before Boehner's appearance the script was written and entered into the teleprompter, the undeniable fact is that the outcome of the vote was decided in advance by whoever typed that text into the teleprompter.

Put simply, the passage of a radical new rulebook rewritten by a lawyer from the Romney campaign was predetermined and the voice vote taken at the convention was a sham, sound and fury signifying nothing.

This was not only an insult to those duly elected Republican delegates who in good faith opposed the revised rules, but was irrefutable proof that the fix was in and that despite winning a plurality of the delegates in at least five states, Ron Paul was never in the running for the nomination. 

The big tent has collapsed leaving only ringmaster Romney standing safely next to the Establishment's center stake.

Outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the convention was held, Ron Paul’s senior campaign adviser Doug Wead said that the RNC’s attack on Ron Paul was more vicious  and planned than it appeared.

In an interview with We Are Change, Wead revealed details of the Romney-approved plan to persecute Paul and his followers and forever change the direction of the Republican Party.

Calling the Party’s treatment of Paul “stupid,” Wead wondered why Romney would go out of his way to alienate so many voters and punish Paul supporters when he already had the nomination locked up.

Wead commented that now that the new rules were rammed through, “10 fat men sitting in a room” are in complete control of the Republican Party and who will get the nomination in future elections.

In contrast to the Republican Party, the liberty movement led by Dr. Paul “cherishes people’s freedom and will not tell them who to vote for,” Wead said. “We are behind the Constitution and want to free the marketplaces allowing people to make money without an oligarchy deciding who gets to have money and who doesn’t,” he added.

Wead said that it is difficult for a constitutional candidate to get elected to national office because “the insiders control what we read and what we see in the media.”

Perhaps the most noteworthy of Wead’s comments was his disclosure that Mitt Romney threatened “to drop an A-bomb” on Ron Paul if he were to go on the offensive.

“He [Romney] threatened to destroy forever the name Ron Paul by producing commercials and advertising that would destroy his [Paul’s] name and reputation,” Wead said.

Rather than destroy him with ads, Romney hijacked the Republican Party and assured that he and the monied cabal he represents will now call the shots in perpetuity.

In fairness, the RNC did play a four-minute video tribute to Dr. Paul at the convention. Proclaiming Paul’s willingness to chart his own path, the video highlights a few of Paul’s Party-palatable policies.

“In 22 years in Congress, Ron Paul has never voted for a tax increase, never voted for a debt ceiling increase, never backed down,” the voiceover correctly reports.

The video features testimony from several of his congressional colleagues — including his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — praising Paul for his lifelong commitment to limited government, lower taxes, and individual liberty.

What wasn’t mentioned, however, was his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act, and his opposition to potential military involvement in Syria and Iran — all of which are supported by the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

It remains to be seen if all these factors will add up to the announcement Tuesday night of a Ron Paul third-party presidential campaign. There are undoubtedly millions who voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and caucuses who would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their continued support for Dr. Paul. Add to that the many Republicans repulsed by their party’s treatment of Paul delegates and shameless manipulation of the rule-making and nominating process, and the sum is a serious and significant bloc of Americans who could line up behind the liberty icon should he continue his pursuit of the presidency.

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  • Comment Link Kevin Tuesday, 04 September 2012 18:31 posted by Kevin

    Well, "Paul", the article was actually written 18 months ago and the economy has been slowly improving. Please understand I don't like Obama and hope he is defeated. But, the economy has been improving - not fast enough mind you - but it is improving so that statement is 100 percent correct.

  • Comment Link Paul Tuesday, 04 September 2012 14:11 posted by Paul

    If you can hang on to the end of Eric Tyson's ramblings you finally get to this gem: "It's becoming more popular and fashionable among politicians and pundits to bash the Fed. This will likely fade away as the economy and markets continue improving." He said this almost a year ago. He thought the economy was improving? Really? Except for court economists, who the heck believes the economy is improving? The man either doesn't have a clue or he's a tool, a quisling. And we're supposed to accept his opinion on a man like Ron Paul? I don't think so.

  • Comment Link Kevin Tuesday, 04 September 2012 10:38 posted by Kevin

    Ron Paul is out of touch and out of his league on economic issues. See this:

  • Comment Link Jared Tuesday, 04 September 2012 01:31 posted by Jared

    If you think that Ron Paul would ever endorse Obama, you don't know the first thing about Ron Paul. In terms of a Ron Paul endorsement, there are only 2 realistic outcomes.

    a. He endorses the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, who is the only candidate left standing who is promoting RP's views.

    b. He doesn't endorse anyone and encourages the American people to do the research for themselves.

    Grey is just another person who believes everything they read on an internet forum.

  • Comment Link Lene Tuesday, 04 September 2012 01:21 posted by Lene

    @Grey..Where do you come up with that non-sense? Ron Paul believes in National sovereignty and has railed against the New World Order Preached by all these presidents from George H.W. Bush on. He is against central banking and the corporate welfare/warfare system. If Theil wanted to donate to him that was his perogative but he had absolutely NO influence on Ron Paul and the positions he has consistently kept for decades. Keep on eating up the propoganda..LOL Some people are so gullible.

  • Comment Link Steven Dusterwald Tuesday, 04 September 2012 01:02 posted by Steven Dusterwald

    Ron Paul endorse Obama? You must be high.

  • Comment Link Grey Monday, 03 September 2012 19:05 posted by Grey

    Paul's a ringer,haven't you people figured that out yet. I guarantee he will not endorse Romney/Ryan and hint around that he prefers Obama, watch you'll see. Ya Paul's not connected except to Theil the Bilderberg and George Soros the Rothschild.

  • Comment Link james Monday, 03 September 2012 17:36 posted by james

    If he is going on Leno , then he will endorse Obama.

  • Comment Link REMant Monday, 03 September 2012 16:48 posted by REMant

    Well, if he doesn't and it appears the GOP will win Congress, then the only thing to do is to vote for Obama and four more years of Bernanke and gridlock, altho there are less peaceable options. What worries me, however, is that we are still, after nearly a decade of meaningless conflict paid for by what amounts to fiat currency, asking what's the matter with Kansas.

  • Comment Link Gary S Seth Monday, 03 September 2012 16:34 posted by Gary S Seth

    Why a Ron Paul Third Party Run ? To make The Presidential Debates a forum for the most important issues of our time.

  • Comment Link Gary S Seth Monday, 03 September 2012 15:57 posted by Gary S Seth

    To My Fellow Ron Paul Supporters :
    The gratitude of every home in our counties, in our States, and indeed throughout the country, except in the abodes of the GOP nominee, goes out to the Ron Paul supporters who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and political danger, tried to turn the tide of the Republican Presidential race by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. All hearts go out to the Local and State Delegates, whose brilliant actions we see with our own eyes day after day, but we must never forget that all the time, state after state, primary after primary and in the GOP Convention, our Ron Paul organizers struggled hard through out America, caucused in their conventions in the darkness of The Main Stream Media by the highest organizational skill, be elected Delegates, often under the heaviest confrontations, often with serious arguments, with deliberate, careful discrimination, and inflict shattering blows upon the whole of the nominating and Presidential electing structure of the Republican National Committee. On no part of the Ron Paul 2012 did the weight of the campaign fall more heavily than on the campaign volunteers who would have played an invaluable part in the case of nomination and whose unflinching zeal it has been necessary in the meanwhile on numerous occasions to restrain…
    With the Courtesy of Winston Churchill

  • Comment Link Gary S Seth Monday, 03 September 2012 15:44 posted by Gary S Seth

    As I have written before: Ron Paul Time would come after The RNC and DNC Confabs. When the American public wakes up to Democratic and Republican same old. Now, like a the proverbial paratrooper, Ron Paul can attack in any direction. The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign was very misguided in not accepting the Americans Elect dot Org. Internet Presidential Nomination "Freeroll". That being said, Ron Paul should use this opportunity to wage "War" against the lobbyists and influence peddlers in Washington: The Karl Rove's; Grover Norquist's ; And Ralph Reed's -- And Mr. Reed, you like using war metaphors, "Back at You" --these Domestic Enemies of The Constitution and their Financiers, will be "Searched out and Destroyed".
    Ron Paul has now an Historic Opportunity, to show that, once again : "Men Will Know That Free Men Stood Up To Tyranny" and, when necessary : "Then We Will Fight In The Shade" "Nuts" to you, Ralph Reed !

  • Comment Link Alan Alsup Monday, 03 September 2012 13:14 posted by Alan Alsup

    I pray he's teaming up with Gary Johnson and running third party!... :)

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