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Monday, 03 August 1998 01:00

The Spectre of Treason

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Sooner or later members of Congress and the American people have got to deal with the unmentionable "T" word and all that it implies. And it had better be sooner because later may be too late. A nation cannot long survive treason in its highest offices and positions of trust. But one of the most grotesque symptoms of the pernicious malaise of liberalism that has infected Western political, academic, and media elites during the last half century is the unwillingness to recognize treason for the terrible crime that it is — or even to acknowledge that such an offense exists. These elites have perennially apologized for, romanticized, defended, explained away, and covered for the traitors who have committed these despicable acts. Even worse, they have transformed treason into official policies which have resulted in the transfer of massive assistance — including military aid — to our deadly enemies.

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