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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 11:24

Rick Perry's Record as Governor of Texas

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Rick Perry. No other two words can spark the ire, or even alarm, of informed Texans and other Americans when considering that the Texas Republican Governor might toss his Stetson into the 2012 Presidential ring. Perry, the 47th Lone Star Governor, holds the record for the longest gubernatorial tenure in Texas history. The reason for the ire and alarm is Perry’s presentation of himself as a fiscal and social conservative. The facts point a different direction.

The former Texas A&M University cheerleader has put his yell skills to the test during his stint as Governor, now in its tenth year. The most obvious piece of evidence, and one of huge concern to Texans and many other Americans who were watching, involves Perry’s tyrannical exploits during the development of his Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) project. Readers will remember that The New American has given extensive coverage to the catastrophic road network, intended to link Mexico, Canada, and the United States into a North American Union (NAU), which will all but destroy parts of Texas — and which Governor Perry claims is dead.

Despite mountains of evidence that the TTC would facilitate the integration of Mexico, the United States, and Canada into the NAU, Perry ignored Texans’ opposition to the Corridor, declaring in December 2005:

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