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Monday, 25 April 2011 10:32

Death Panels By Any Other Name Are Still as Fatal

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The issue of death panels will not go away. In a story published recently by The New American, it was revealed that in his budget proposal, President Obama all but explicitly endorsed the concept as part of his plan to cut federal spending.

In the speech outlining his response to the Republican budget package, President Barack Obama declared his intent to reduce the potential costs associated with his health care law by endowing the Independent Physicians Advisory Board (IPAB) with unprecedented power to decide matters of treatment based on the cost of the same. The 15-member panel is appointed by the President and is unaccountable to any but him. Under the ObamaCare scheme, these unelected bureaucrats decide matters of life and death based on an evaluation of the effect life-saving treatments would have on the bottom line. Patients are reduced to dollars, entries on a spreadsheet.

The concern, of course, regarding the power of this board is that the IPAB could effectively eliminate the private options currently available to patients. Then, in the exercise of their statutorily permitted role of final arbiters of which applicants for costly procedures will be approved, they will prefer the public (government-approved) treatment option, which may lead to denials of treatment and thus, death. 

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