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Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, Nevada

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Liberty lovers across the country will be gathering in Reno, Nevada, from September 15-17 for the 2011 Liberty Political Action Conference. With a variety of educational seminars being offered and the presence of prominent speakers like Texas Congressman and GOP presidential contender Ron Paul, the event should prove to have a major impact on the growing movement for liberty that is characterizing the upcoming presidential race.

According to LPAC’s website:

The Liberty Political Action Conference will play host to freedom activists from across the country. LPAC will feature conservative, libertarian, constitutional, and free market organizations, activists, and businesses. We’ll also bring together tons of exciting personalities and leaders in the liberty movement to discuss sound money, foreign policy, civil liberties, and the Constitutional hot button issues facing the liberty movement today.

Featured speakers include Ron Paul, Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah — both of whom are Tea Party favorites — executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights Dudley Brown, Barry Goldwater Jr., John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson, and senior faculty of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Walter Block, as well as many others.

According to JBS’s Art Thompson, “It is a pleasure to be participating in the LPAC event. The organizers have brought together a sizable number of constitutionally minded individuals and groups. The potential for the future of this event, in both numbers and influence, are tremendous.”

The event will cover a number of issues, including America’s detrimental monetary policies, the meaning of liberty, the history of the Second Amendment, media bias, effective grassroots organization, foreign policy, and the UN's Agenda 21, plus many more.

In addition to the various seminars and training sessions, there will be a number of events taking place as well, including receptions and private briefings with major speakers like author and constitutional historian Bruce Fein, Rand Paul, and Ron Paul, although the private briefing with Ron Paul has already been sold out.

LPAC is sponsored by a number of organizations, including The John Birch Society, Freedom Works, National Right to Work, CMI Gold and Silver Inc., Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Future of Freedom Foundation, and Wealth Creation and Preservation.

Bill Hahn, public relations manager for JBS, discusses JBS’s role in sponsoring LPAC: “Our investment in this show will take the place of CPAC.” According to the JBS website, “The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently told JBS it would not be eligible for a formal role at the show, but that individual members would be welcome.”

The LPAC conference will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno this year. Tickets for all three days of activities are only $109, and student tickets are as low as $35.

According to the Campaign for Liberty, the event is expected to be the biggest and most anticipated national event since the Rally for the Republic in 2008. 

Campaign for Liberty reports:

As the first of what will be an annual event, LPAC 2011 — The Liberty Political Action Conference — promises to set a commanding precedent for political action conferences across the country. Nowhere else will you experience this level of unabashed enthusiasm for liberty, along with the training, tools, and fiery dedication necessary for its advancement.

CFL promises that “the revolution is alive and well!”

A number of Ron Paul Meetup groups have already focused on promoting member attendance at LPAC in Reno.

Paul notes that there will be several events for his campaign following the conclusion of LPAC, including a free party hosted by the Ron Paul campaign featuring guitarist Jimmie Vaughan. Likewise, on September 18, there will be a campaign barbecue at the Grand Sierra Resort.

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