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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 10:14

Rick Perry: I'm Authentic

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Rick Perry�s suspect record as governor of Texas, his love for doling out public funds to illegal aliens, his fondness for lining the pockets of his political allies, and his neo-con attitude toward the perpetuation of foreign wars should be enough to dissuade constitutionalists from voting for the Republican presidential hopeful. As if that weren�t enough, Perry�s recent debate performances may be driving the final nails in the governor�s presidential prospects.

Those once considering voting for Rick Perry are now tying their hopes to one of his colleagues after the erstwhile front runner has proven himself not only incapable of parrying the barrage of attacks coming at him from his competitors. Herman Cain, the reputed winner of the most recent televised job interview, told Fox News that Perrys performance was was not up to primetime.

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