It was quite a damning story: “Trump Supporter Cold-Cocks 69-Year-Old Protester Outside Rally.” It was also phony and staged, as the Democrat operative who set the whole thing up reveals on hidden camera. 

Will the 2016 election be stolen? If recent undercover videos providing evidence of possibly rampant Democrat vote fraud are any indication, it's a distinct possibility.

Media personalities have denounced Trump's failure to promise to "accept" the results of the presidential election, arguing this is the American tradition. But is it?

In the third — and final — presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which was aired live Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton was — at long last — asked about the WikiLeaks disclosures over the past few weeks. In particular, Chris Wallace of Fox News, who moderated the debate, asked Clinton about comments she made to Banco Itaú about her “dream” of “a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”


Analysis by the Tax Foundation of Clinton's and Trump's tax plans show that Trump's plan is the highly preferable one of the two; however, little that the candidates want is likely to make it through the legislative branch.

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