Prince Hamlet, in another context, said "To sleep, perchance to dream." Is it possible that an Ayn Rand disciple, believing in an unfettered free market, might be named secretary of the Treasury?

When President-elect Donald Trump claims he would have won the popular vote had it not been for illegal voting, the media insist there’s no “documented proof” of widespread electoral fraud. When Hillary Clinton joins in the Jill Stein inspired recount in Wisconsin, it’s called justifiable.

The “tolerant” Left continues to flail in the weeks following the presidential election. Clinton supporters have already made headlines over their petulant and in some cases violent reactions to the election results, but after their kicking and screaming has failed to make any change, they’ve resorted to bullying and threats. According to, disgruntled individuals and groups have reached out to Electoral College voters not only to persuade them to switch their votes to Hillary Clinton, but also to threaten them with violence if they refuse.

If you like your Castro, you can keep your Castro? Some may think this is Barack Obama’s attitude, given the president’s comments after Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s death on Friday. In contrast, president-elect Donald Trump gave the tyrant the epitaph he deserved.

Thanks to revelations by Charles Ortel, Peter Schweizer, Dinesh D’Souza, WikiLeaks, and Judicial Watch, the use of the Clinton Foundation by the Clinton family as its own personal piggy bank has been exposed. Donations began dropping off as early as 2014 but they have all but disappeared since Hillary failed to gain the White House.

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