Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave another speech defending "democratic socialism," touting it as the cure for America's growing inequalities of wealth and opportunity. But socialism is the reason for such problems, not the solution.

Will low-information voters fall for an attack on the Koch brothers, rather than demand a debate about policies, in the Democrats' bid to retake the Senate? Or will they see through it in time for the November elections?

The socialist movement in Seattle has not come on the scene quietly, but is bursting with pride, led by city councilwoman Kshama Sawant, a former software engineer from India.

Answering a question posed by a reporter at a press briefing on November 10, White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest confirmed that “the administration strongly supports the Equality Act” — which the reporter had described as “a federal ... bill against anti-LGBT discrimination.”

The closer one looks, the more difficult it is to distinguish between the Florida senator and the (former) Florida governor who is also running for president.