Responding to a question from host Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation on November 9, President Obama repeated his past statement to Speaker of the House John Boehner: “John, if you don’t do it, I’ve got legal authority to make improvements on the system.”

Judge Steven Rhodes approved a "grand bargain" to end Detroit's bankruptcy on Friday, but there’s little reason to expect that the culture of corruption and self-dealing and the treating of taxpayer funds as a political punch bowl will suddenly come to an end.

Things have changed considerably in the last four years for Kentucky's political odd couple, Mitch McConnell, the anticipated majority leader in the new GOP-controlled Senate, and the state's junior senator, Rand Paul.

West Virginia stands as a model for the national Republican sweep on Tuesday, which was more a vote "against" the status quo rather than a vote "for" something different.

Expect little from the 114th Congress on major issues in the fight for freedom.