Quick, do something! There are John Birch Society types ready to spread “conspiracy theories” from the “margins” into the “mainstream,” and they seem to be hiding under practically every bed in America! At least that's the impression given in a new “intelligence report” by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization whose slanderous vitriol against conservatives may have sparked a recent federal terrorism case. In its report the SPLC reputedly aims to expose false conspiracy theories that are being churned out by right-wing radicals. But, ironically, while expressing outrage over “conspiracy theories” on the “right,” the SPLC report sounded like an expanded version of Hillary Clinton's bizarre conspiracy theory about a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” To hear the SPLC tell it, practically everyone in America to the right of Obama is participating in a giant conspiracy to spread conspiracy theories. For what purpose is never explained, although apparently it is all very bad for “democracy.”

Paul Ryan has been characterized by Laura Ingraham as "John Boehner with better abs." Given his track record, is there any reason to expect leaner, meaner budgets under Ryan's House leadership?

Donald Trump and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio dominated the debate last night, while CNBC got scolded for its "gotcha" questions and media bias.

Establishment politicians and their benefactors get what they want in a new deal to fund government spending, while the taxpayer gets the bill.

The Left seizes on any excuse to defame the memory of a great patriot, Joe McCarthy.