The Arizona State Republican Party approved a resolution on Saturday, January 25 that censured Senator John McCain for compiling a voting record that is insufficiently conservative for Arizonans.

The effort known as the North American Union (NAU) speeds ahead under the names of the TPP and TTIP, undeterred by the death of Robert Pastor, the "Father of the NAU."

By edict the president is ordering Americans to buy government bonds in "starter" MyRA accounts.




Seven former officials in the George W. Bush administration and a Republican member of House Intelligence Committee issued a sharp rebuke to the Republican National Committee Saturday over the RNC's passage of a resolution calling for an end of the "blanket surveillance" of phone calls and electronic communications records by the National Security Agency.




With outrage growing across the political spectrum over a deeply controversial new addition to the U.S. tax regime known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, the Republican National Committee voted overwhelmingly this week to adopt a resolution calling for its repeal. Analysts say the strongly worded GOP measure, which has garnered strong support from middle-class Americans living abroad, represents just the beginning of the fast-building campaign to stop FATCA and what critics call the scheme’s “devastating” consequences.

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