Republican candidate Donald Trump is threatening to sue fellow Republican hopeful Ted Cruz. A look at the businessman's record reveals that this is nothing new, raising the question of what he is hoping to accomplish.

After the GOP Senate leadership and most presidential candidates voiced strong opposition to the prospect of President Obama selecting a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, some Republicans are open to at least giving an Obama nominee a hearing.

America has not had a draft since 1973. Has the time come to abolish the Selective Service?


It appears that, to the ordinary South Carolina citizen, voter, and taxpayer, Jeb Bush's record smacks too much of ties to the despised establishment, and that this citizen is willing to take a chance on Trump, Cruz, or Rubio rather than more of the same with Jeb.

Suspicions and unanswered questions surrounding the surprise weekend death of pro-Constitution U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia are swirling around the Internet and beyond. Many of the concerns center on the fact that the man who found Scalia's body, businessman and Democrat donor John Poindexter, said the late justice was discovered with “a pillow over his head.” Also sparking alarm among some commentators and suspicious citizens are reports and official statements indicating that no autopsy will be conducted, despite contradictory claims surrounding the cause of death. Even the establishment press, apparently unfamiliar with the definition of the term “conspiracy theory,” has started reporting on the concerns and questions, albeit generally with a dismissive tone. Cries for an autopsy and congressional probe are growing louder, even as the White House, Democrats, and leftists waste no time in plotting to name a successor. The atmosphere is getting very tense.