Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced an executive order Monday barring unions from requiring non-union state workers to pay the equivalence of dues, called “fair share” fees.

Considering that the liberal mainstream media has a long track record of favoring politicians who wish to expand the size, scope, and power of government, one has to wonder just how much of what is presented as the "news" is simply fabricated to advance a liberal social and political agenda held by the reporters and their bosses at NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul made his signature legislative effort the theme of his first event in Iowa.

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to be safely out of the country, traveling to a yet undisclosed overseas location.

Almost two-thirds of investigative journalists (64 percent) polled in a recent survey said they believe that the U.S. government has probably collected data about their phone calls, e-mails, or online communications. Furthermore, eight in 10 of those surveyed believe that being a journalist increases the likelihood that their data will be collected.''