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As media pundits continue to discuss the “not guilty” verdict rendered by the jury on July 13 in the nationally watched George Zimerman trial, a particular aspect of the case warrants further attention. Ben Kruidbos, the former information technology director in the Florida State Attorney’s office, was fired on July 12 for what he believes was retaliation for having testified that prosecutors withheld evidence from Zimmerman’s defense team.

The group funding the ad buys in Tennessee for Senator Lamar Alexander's energy project has significant ties to the gay and abortion lobby.


The surprise announcement that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will be leaving the Obama administration to head up the University of California means that she may have less opportunity to wreak constitutional and economic havoc in the future than she did as head of the DHS.




The State Department doled out more than $630,000 to boost Facebook “likes” for four of its pages on the social media website.

This past weekend's homosexual "Pride" parades were once again marked by nudity and lewd displays of sexuality, usually in violation of local decency laws that would be enforced on any other group. This can cause many critics to ask: While the homosexual movement purports to be concerned with equality, is it really about making some Americans more equal than others?

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