Regardless of one's views about Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, all Americans should be concerned that a major political candidate has been denied the right to speak at his own political rally, by an organized group of leftists determined to shut down views they don't like.

Hillary Clinton seems to believe she is beyond the reach of both the law and logic. After recent reports that her private, unsecured server was found to have held at least 2,079 classified e-mails, she maintains her Teflon demeanor. When asked during the eighth Democratic debate in Miami if she would drop out of the race if indicted, Mrs. Clinton took the bold tack of simply refusing to answer the question.

During the Republican presidential debate in Miami on March 10, the candidates were more civil than in the previous debate and spoke more about matters of substance, such as trade and Social Security.

Reports indicate that the Obama administration, labor unions, and George-Soros linked non-governmental organizations are encouraging legal aliens to become naturalized citizens ahead of the elections. The agenda behind the push appears to be to defeat Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders rightly claims that Clinton’s proposal to allow gun makers and sellers to be sued whenever one of their firearms is used to harm someone is an attempt to end all gun manufacturing and gun sales in the United States.