A recent Gallup poll reveals that the American people have very little faith in their federal government. The poll shows that 72 percent of the American people view the federal government as a bigger threat to the future of the country than big business or big labor, the highest percentage ever to respond in the affirmative in the 50-year history of the question.

The IRS has proposed new regulations that would carve out an exception to federal rules on tax-exempt organizations, regulations that would essentially ban conservative tax-exempt educational organizations from informing voters about federal candidates' voting records before elections.

The No Kid Hungry program that is being heavily advertised by the Food Network is not, as its ads seem to illustrate, simply an organization for giving charity to hungry kids; it's a propaganda machine for the political Left.

Senator Tom Coburn released his annual "Wastebook" highlighting egregious government spending.

Just when Ryan's compromise on the debt ceiling and the sequester cuts appeared headed for a quick Senate approval, along comes word that the Republicans will filibuster it.

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