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Speaking at a fundraiser for Rep. Ed Markey’s (D-Mass.) Senate campaign, Vice President Joe Biden blasted Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

An internal memo from the State Department’s inspector general has surfaced that calls into question the State Department’s ability to investigate wrongdoing by its staff. The memo outlines eight examples of wrongdoing by agency staff and contractors, including hiring prostitutes and committing sexual assault, and seems to imply that the agency attempted to halt investigation into these matters.

Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, claimed on the CBS Face the Nation program June 9 that at least one employee in the Cincinnati IRS office said that discrimination against conservatives wasn't initiated by White House influence. But Cummings' claim seems contrary to evidence available to the public.






New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been named Reason magazine's "Nanny of the Month" for May.

National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon will resign his post next month and will be replaced by U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan E. Rice, White House officials announced on June 5. The Washington Post and other news sources reported that Donilon’s resignation will become effective in early July.

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