An 11-year-old who was banned from selling mistletoe in a public park in downtown Portland, Oregon now has more orders for packages of the popular holiday plant than she can handle.

With the Obama administration still under fire for scandalously abusing the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party organizations, a Democrat-led District Attorney’s office in Wisconsin is making headlines nationwide for a controversial secret investigation — a so-called “fishing expedition,” according to some critics — of political forces that supported GOP Gov. Scott Walker. While details of the shadowy probe remain murky, multiple conservative political organizations and figures have reportedly been subjected to raids and subpoenas searching for evidence of campaign-law violations. Sources quoted in media reports said they did not know of any liberal groups or Democrat candidates contacted in the probe.

Political expediency and pressure from the Democrat party forced Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak to resign rather than face a recall election.

Early estimates of nine Senate races in 2014 show that Obama's falling poll numbers are helping Republicans.

Two very different manhunts occurred in this nation 50 years apart. One was in 1963 in response to the assassination of a president of the United States; the other followed a pair of bomb explosions that killed three people and injured an estimated 264 others at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Viewed together, these two manhunts illustrate how much law enforcement has strayed from its strong constitutional principles and moved toward a police state in the last 50 years.