The tiny anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions announced its intention to spend in 2014 what the NRA spent in 2012: $19 million.

The report from the Committee to Protect Journalism confirms the obvious: The mainstream media that helped elect the president is being treated as an enemy.

The Tea Party adherents in the House continue to hold the speaker's feet to the fire while the president's poll numbers continue to decline.


The Obama administration’s plan is to make the government "shutdown" as painful, inconvenient, and offensive for ordinary Americans as possible. It is intentionally designed to outrage and anger innocent taxpayers.

As outrage and defiance against the Obama administration’s “shutdown” antics continue to escalate, lawmakers in Congress plan to investigate growing numbers of reports on the eviction of homeowners and the shuttering of businesses that sit on public lands. The uproar comes in the wake of media accounts and comments from public servants suggesting that the executive branch is trying to make the bogus “shutdown” — most of the federal government is still up and running — feel as painful as possible in an effort to extort taxpayer money to fund ObamaCare.   

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