Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to force New York Times reporter James Risen to reveal the source of classified information he published, a Justice Department source told reporters.

The omnibus bill passed only with the help of Obama, liberal Democrats, and mainline Republicans with poor memories about promises they made to their constituents.

A House committee has discovered e-mails showing that officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation — working closely with Eric Holder's DOJ — schemed to destroy lawful businesses they found morally objectionable.

Bill Cassidy, runoff winner of Mary Landrieu's U.S. Senate seat for Louisiana, is no constitutional statesman, but just another loyal Republican Party follower.

Attacking the United States and fomenting misguided hatred seems to have become the top priority of the “dictators club,” more formally known as the United Nations. Just days ago, a multi-pronged UN assault on U.S. gun rights, local police, national sovereignty, federalism, and more, was unleashed in the wake of the chaos in Ferguson. Now, as Americans across the political spectrum express outrage and sadness about the tragic death of Eric Garner by a police officer who was not indicted by a grand-jury, UN boss Ban Ki-moon, sensing another opportunity to meddle in U.S. affairs, is again barking commands at the American people as if he were some sort of benevolent global overlord. Hordes of UN “human rights” experts also joined in.