The attorney general of New York, Eric Schneiderman, subpoenaed Exxon Mobil Corporation on November 4, in an attempt to uncover evidence that the energy giant misled the public and investors about the risks of climate change. 


Some have remarked that Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign is in trouble after recent attacks from the media, but the money keeps pouring in from his supporters.

The failure of Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun money to buy a critical Virginia Senate seat may be a harbinger of future election dismay. 

It was not an idea too big to fail. And it failed big. Voters in Houston, Texas, rejected the controversial and misnamed “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” (HERO) by a wide margin yesterday.

On November 2, President Obama signed a budget bill into law that increases spending by more than $100 billion and suspends the $18.1 trillion debt limit until 2017.