Dr. Taylor Haynes is running for governor of Wyoming, promising to push back against federal overreach.

President Obama met with Catholic Pope Francis at the Vatican for 52 minutes March 27, and largely avoided policy disagreements during the private conversation. The conversation comes at a time when dozens of large Catholic Church institutions have engaged in class action lawsuits requiring religious institutions to purchase insurance birth control devices the church opposes, even for celibate priests and nuns who would have no use for the devices.

Regarding the November mid-term elections, most pollsters agree that control of the Senate, now firmly in Democrat hands, is up for grabs.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi will receive Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award on March 27.

As the on-ramp to the presidential election of 2016 approaches, the malingering effects of the Republican Party’s successful scheme to squelch dissenting voices within its own ranks are still a major concern to those who consider the GOP the party of the Constitution.