Continued efforts to persuade Americans to push for higher taxes to close the deficit and reduce the national debt are falling on deaf ears.


Now that the name of Summers has been removed from the list of Fed chair nominations, Yellen is the likely pick. The Fed itself will remain unchanged.

Congressional Tea Party conservatives shut down the vote on a bill to continue government spending after September 30 because it was a "trick," "chicanery," and "hocus-pocus."


A popular Wisconsin law aimed at reining in the stranglehold of government-employee unions over taxpayers and workers was upheld Wednesday by a federal judge, who ruled that the 2011 “Act 10” reform measures championed by Republican Governor Scott Walker did not violate the First Amendment or equal-protection rights of Big Labor. It was the second major victory for the law in federal courts so far. However, with union bosses terrified of losing the battle, thanks in large part to the national repercussions it could have, efforts to kill the measure are far from over.

In Tuesday's recall election in Colorado, grasssroots political action by enraged gun owners overcame an 11-1 spending disadvantage to oust two state senators who had voted for strict gun control legislation: state Senate President John Morse and Angela Giron from Pueblo.

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