Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has said some pretty audacious things, but Monday night during an MSNBC town hall she told host Chris Matthews that “We didn't lose a single person” in Libya. While it is understandable that the former secretary of state would like to forget Benghazi, it is beyond the reach of reason that she has actually done so.

While Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee in July, the current state of the Republican primaries could lead to a brokered convention in Cleveland.

Republicans in Ohio are coping with ambiguous ballots in today’s Ohio Republican Primary. But the concerns about getting an accurate vote count may extend beyond that.

As disgusting as the Army's latest politically correct "training sessions" in so-called White Privilege are, the politicization of the American military is nothing new.

With the relentless push for states to comply with federal Real ID standards, the passport may become a de facto national ID card required for domestic travel within a few years.

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