Fox News Sunday's "Power Player of the Week" wants the GOP roster this fall to be filled with "the right kind of Republicans."

The release of 1,400 pages of e-mails and memos to Judicial Watch has confirmed that the Obama administration's IRS in Washington singled out Tea Party and “patriot” organizations for delays and extra scrutiny in their applications for non-profit status. Judicial Watch had filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests to get the information.

Another bright shiny Leftist with a big smile is likely to be nominated as head of HUD (Housing and Urban Development), the scandal-ridden dispenser of political favors for years.

In a move observers and officials said was aimed at satisfying the “personal vendetta” of a citizen against Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy, commissioners for the Northern Texas county voted three to two last week to ban the display of The New American magazine and other material deemed to have a “political point of view” from his office. However, in doing so, Judge Lacy, who presides over the county commission, said officials may have inadvertently opened up a “can of worms” that could lead to the prohibition of everything from the Constitution to the Bible. Activists even suggested the American flag could be prohibited under the ban.

With Sasse's GOP primary victory in Nebraska on Tuesday, the establishment Republicans got what they wanted: another suit just like the one retiring in January.