We're watching a state implode. The Land of Lincoln has become the land of larceny. 

On Tuesday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory caved to pressure from big businesses and the LGBT community and signed an executive order to change the state’s recently passed LGBT law that barred local governments from extending protections to gay and transgender individuals and mandated that individuals use bathrooms based on the biological sex that appears on their birth certificates. Unfortunately for the governor, the order failed to appease the law's critics and has provoked criticism from the law's supporters.

On March 30, President Obama commuted the prison sentences of 62 criminals, 12 of whom were behind bars for gun-related drug crimes. This was just too much for Alabama’s senior Senator Richard Shelby (R), so the next day Shelby sent a stinging letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Trump strategist Roger Stone is claiming that Republican Party leaders are trying to "steal" the election from the New York frontrunner, and calls for Trump supporters to "persuade" delegates at the Republican National Convention to nominate Trump instead.

Have nominations been "stolen" in the past? Do the efforts of the anti-Trump forces constitute "stealing"?

The U.S. Treasury instituted a temporary rule to stop tax inversions used by companies to reduce their tax burden. Obama and other Democrats want it permanent.

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