Exclusive video interview with former Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon, who boasts an impressive record as a tough, liberty-minded legislator who fights for fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and limited, constitutional government.

Less than six months into his second term, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is having an increasingly difficult time pushing the New Jersey “comeback” theme that gained him reelection in January.

The Idaho-based Integrity in Government PAC has accused Governor Butch Otter of betraying his party and his principles.

Fox News Sunday's "Power Player of the Week" wants the GOP roster this fall to be filled with "the right kind of Republicans."

The release of 1,400 pages of e-mails and memos to Judicial Watch has confirmed that the Obama administration's IRS in Washington singled out Tea Party and “patriot” organizations for delays and extra scrutiny in their applications for non-profit status. Judicial Watch had filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests to get the information.