Some significant good could come out of efforts to create a new state in Colorado, even if such an effort fails.

As part of what critics have called a presidential “temper tantrum” aimed at extorting taxpayer money to fund ObamaCare, the Obama administration has been hard at work trying to make the partial federal government “shutdown” feel as painful as possible. In fact, according to numerous sources and news reports from across the country, the president is actually going out of his way and wasting additional taxpayer money on petty gimmicks to inconvenience the public by making federal authorities even more of a nuisance than usual. Now, Congress wants answers.

President Obama complained about the shutdown of parts of the federal Head Start pre-school nutritional assistance program in his weekly address October 5, even though he has already pledged to veto straightforward Republican bills that would fund similar programs.

Belgium went without a national government for 589 days. The impact on the daily lives of Belgians was minimal if not entirely invisible.

The House Republican leadership has adopted Texas Senator Ted Cruz's strategy for fighting back against the Obama administration promise to vote down all government spending until the House approves a spending bill funding ObamaCare.

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