The socialist movement in Seattle has not come on the scene quietly, but is bursting with pride, led by city councilwoman Kshama Sawant, a former software engineer from India.

Answering a question posed by a reporter at a press briefing on November 10, White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest confirmed that “the administration strongly supports the Equality Act” — which the reporter had described as “a federal ... bill against anti-LGBT discrimination.”

The closer one looks, the more difficult it is to distinguish between the Florida senator and the (former) Florida governor who is also running for president.

During the fourth Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump received flak for his response to a question about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) when Senator Rand Paul pointed out China was not part of the TPP agreement.

Justin Bieber is more powerful than any American politician, says music mogul Russell Simmons. According to Simmons, celebrities in general have a lot of clout with the Obama White house — but he says, “Bieber is who makes it pop.”