The White House orchestrated a sting operation to catch and silence a security council insider using Twitter to criticize the administration's foreign policy.

At the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association AOPA Aviation Summit, concern over abusive behavior by law-enforcement personnel is ramping up as pilots increasingly find themselves greeted by armed SWAT teams, for no good reason.

If an informed electorate is necessary for a free and healthy republic, the fact that some Americans don't associate terms such as "Orwellian" and "police state" with tyranny could be a problem.

Speaking at a public ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Friday afternoon, President Obama nominated Jeh Johnson, a former General Counsel for the Defense Department, to become the next secretary of the Homeland Security Department.

In a celebratory moment, the president said if Republicans want to have a voice in Washington, they should "go out there and win an election!" That process has already begun.