New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, speaking to members of the media during a press conference on January 9, apologized for the role members of his staff played in the still-unexplained closings last September of two of the three lanes connecting the borough of Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge. The lane closures resulted in four days of mammoth traffic jams in Fort Lee that impeded the flow of school buses and emergency vehicles.

Following the allure of fast money, governments are taking over an enterprise that was mainly a province of the mob. Are the projects becoming golden geese or just laying eggs?

Sen. Paul denounces “money laundering,” “veil of secrecy,” and “revolving door from Wall Street to the Treasury to the Fed” after Janet Yellen voted in as chair of the Federal Reserve.

Fewer than half of the female Marines at Paris Island, South Carolina, taking the Personal Fitness Test in September passed it, exposing the "equality" fallacy once again.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will have difficulty in securing the required state approval for his five-year plan to increase the city income tax on residents earning more than $500,000 to finance universal early-childhood education.