Julian Assange and the Russian government claim to have e-mails that could secure the indictment of Hillary Clinton on charges of violating federal law.

Donald Trump's revocation of the Washington Post's press credentials serves at least two purposes: 1) It proves that Trump is his own man, and 2) he thinks the media lies.

Senator Lisa Ann Murkowski of Alaska is portrayed by the liberal press as a “moderate Republican,” in contrast to the “conservative” label typically associated with most members of her party. But let's take a look at her voting record to see how "moderate" she actually is.

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright is facing attack ads from big business and challenge from three opponents for his opposition to crony capitalism and his support for bathrooms desigated for use by a person according to his biological sex.

The powerful law-enforcement lobby has effectively scuttled an Arizona bill that would have nullified federal gun control regulations.

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