The Palm Center has received a $1.35 million grant to study issues related to the integrating of transgender persons into the armed forces.

The intra-party feud between New Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took on a dietary flavor Tuesday when Christie responded to Paul's criticism of pork ingredients in aid to Hurricane Sandy victims by charging the Kentucky senator with an inordinate desire to bring federally funded bacon home to the Bluegrass State.

In the July-August 2013 issue of the AARP Bulletin, the periodical’s editor in chief, Jim Toedtman, wrote an editorial headlined “All Together, Let’s Like Ike.” The headline was, of course, a play on the campaign slogan coined for General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1951, when internationalists dismayed by the prospect of popular Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft (a non-interventionist in foreign policy) securing the Republican nomination in 1952 started a movement to convince Eisenhower — a lifelong Democrat — to run for president as a Republican.




Gov. Chris Christie showed just how eager he is to join the Washington elite.

With falling approval ratings and an escalating unhappiness over various and sundry scandals, it was time for the president and his obedient media to get out of town.

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