Political pundits were quick to discuss whether Republican David Jolly’s victory in a March 12 special election in Florida was an early indicator of a GOP takeover of the Senate in the November elections. However, this single house election is less significant than results surfacing in national opinion polls as well as historic trends suggesting that the party occupying the White House usually loses seats in Congress in the mid-term elections, especially during the president’s second term.

Prosecutors in Utah are currently working on a corruption investigation involving two U.S. senators. Unfortunately, the Justice Department has blocked the FBI’s use of federal systems in the probe, prompting the prosecutors to speak out.

The day after he won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll of potential GOP presidential candidates, with a 3-1 lead over his nearest rival, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said a clear focus on the issue of privacy in the midst of America's growing surveillance state is necessary if the Republican Party is going to grow and win elections again.



Senator John McCain yesterday accused Senator Ted Cruz of having "crossed a line" when the Texas Republican claimed that the GOP's most recent losing presidential candidates "don't stand for principle."

Hot-button social issues were stressed by Republican leaders and conservative activists at Friday’s session of the annual CPAC conference.