As global-warming theories continue to implode in the face of growing evidence that Earth might even be entering a cooling phase, the Obama administration appears to be doubling down on the alarmism. Vowing to “act on climate change” without Congress if necessary, the administration is also launching a full-blown witch hunt aimed at crushing so-called “climate deniers” — scientists and other skeptics, including lawmakers, who question largely debunked United Nations claims about humanity’s alleged impact on global warming.

Writing for Foreign Policy magazine, Park MacDougald presented a reprehensible portrayal of the late Congressman Larry McDonald, former chairman of The John Birch Society.

The newly revised Clinton Foundation will serve as Hillary's tax-exempt financial springboard for her presidential campaign for 2016.

A couple of proposed rules changes are being considered by a newly appointed committee at the Republican National Committee's summer meetings in Boston.

President Obama wants the FCC to increase a cellphone fee to fund high-speed Internet access in schools.

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