Notoriously liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas was prompted to resign her position yesterday after a filmed interview with Rabbi David F. Nesenoff revealed Thomas’ staunchly anti-Israel stance and bias.

It won't be taken by either man as a compliment, but then it wasn't meant to be. New York Congressman Charles Rangel said that in continuing America's military presence in Iraq, Barrack Obama has come to resemble former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Since 1994, Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey has served the state’s 2nd Congressional District as it’s representative, and is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination in June 8th’s N.J. primary for a ninth term.

Big Brother, in the form of the FTC, is sticking its nose into Internet news and opinion. The free market, a May 24 draft proposal states, will not produce a “robust and sustainable business model for commercial journalism.”

During the week leading up to the June 5 rally, websites from Orange County to Maine were conjecturing about sending local representatives as supporters and how to organize in time. At stake was participation in an Arizona rally near the State Capitol in Phoenix, to show support for Gov. Jan Brewer and her embattled efforts to enforce control of the illegal immigration problem currently swamping them. On Saturday, those thousands attending despite the 105-degree heat were not disappointed.