While the rest of the country has been focused on Washington, D.C., Florida residents have been distracted by the passage of Senate Bill 6, which would have changed the face of Florida education. Passed in the Senate by a vote of 21-17 on March 24, and by the House on April 9 by a vote of 64-55, opponents pushed for Republican Governor Charlie Crist to veto the bill, which he did just moments ago.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates defended the actions of U.S. soldiers who are shown in a video shooting civilians — a video released by Internet whistleblower website Wikileaks.org April 13.

April 15th is the day when American taxpayers must file their income tax returns, and Tea Partiers are protesting those taxes all across the country. One question not being raised is: If these citizens are sovereign over their government, who can explain the income tax? How did this happen? Are the citizens not sovereign after all?

A website called Crash the Tea Party.org is up and running. The site's admitted purpose is to organize infiltration and attacks on the Tea Party movement at the patriotic group's meetings and rallies so as to dismantle and demolish it.

On Thursday April 15, many Americans will be making a last-minute scramble to file their taxes by the deadline to avoid penalties. Others will be joining Tea Parties across the country to rally against the exorbitant taxes that have been imposed on Americans and will continue to be forced on Americans as long as Democrats remain in power.