According to a Gallup generic ballot for Congress among registered voters, Republicans maintain a 3-point lead over Democrats, 46 to 43 percent. To boot, polling of likely voters from September 23 to October 3 show Republicans with a double-digit lead under two separate turnout scenarios: Likely voters, higher turnout: 53 percent Republicans to 40 percent Democrats; likely voters, lower turnout: 56 percent Republicans to 38 percent Democrats.

Tennessee firefighters in Obion County allowed a family’s home to burn to the ground last week because the family had not paid a $75 fee.

A review of California welfare recipients shows that almost $70 million was spent by these recipients out of state. This includes $12 million spent in Las Vegas and $1.5 million spent in Florida. These welfare recipients also spent significant amounts of money in Hawaii and on cruise ships. This has drawn heat from California legislators who note that their working, taxpaying constituents cannot afford to go to Hawaii, take a cruise ship, vacation in Florida, or gamble in Las Vegas.

A poll released on October 5 by the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute indicated that nearly half (47 percent) of Americans who consider themselves members of the Tea Party movement also consider themselves part of the "Christian conservative movement."

President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, resigned from his post on October 1 amid rampant speculation that he would run for Mayor of Chicago in the wake of incumbent Mayor Richard M. Daley's announcement that he will not stand for reelection next year.

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