Two thousand and nine may yet go down in history as the year political correctness attained the force of federal law. Just recently, after all, we finally saw a “hate crimes” bill folded into a must-pass larger bill when it was clear the bill could not be passed on its own merits.

money burningThe federal government wasted almost $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money in 2009 according to the Office of Management and Budget. The figures were released on November 17 and show a $26-billion increase over the 2008 total.

About the recent special election for Congress in District 23 in New York, conservative columnist and commentator Tony Blankley observed in a talk he gave last night at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, that the Republican Party nominated "a very liberal Republican." Well, did they now?

On Monday, the Federal Reserve proposed new rules to protect consumers from unexpected costs and restrictions on gift cards, gift certificates, and other prepaid cards typically redeemable by any store or merchant that accepts the card brand.

Fort HoodWhile completing his residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Major Nidal Hasan told an audience of fellow physicians that the army should excuse Muslim soldiers from serving in combat zones where they would be fighting others of their faith. If Muslims in the U.S. Armed Forces were not thus afforded conscientious objector status, then there could be “adverse effects,” Hasan warned.