If You Can’t Sell the Fake, Sell the Fizzle.

Representative Louie Golmert of Texas has recently proposed that United States senators be elected as they once were, by the legislatures of the states. This would require a repeal of the 17th Amendment, which requires direct election of senators by the people.

As if the socialization of health care, and increased taxes to afford it, wasn’t enough to make Americans disgruntled, we learn that Obama and other top federal officials are exempt from health care exchanges.

In the announcement that the U.S.Treasury was likely to make a profit selling its stock in Citigroup, much was made about the great returns that sale would generate, and very little was said about how it all happened in the first place.

UN buildingFor most of us, the mention of Girl Scouts evokes images of innocent, fresh-faced girls selling cookies, singing around campfires, enjoying arts and crafts, and doing good deeds. Alas, such idealistic reminiscences may be doomed artifacts of a bye-gone era, if the women in charge of Girl Scouts, USA have their way.