Will Al Gore become the first "carbon billionaire?" That question — and the ethical issues involved in his related lobbying activities — is beginning to dog him, as he goes out on the global-warming hustings again, this time pitching his new book to gin up political support for the December UN summit in Copenhagen.

Obama and PelosiRecent public opinion polls are exhibiting a trend that Democrats ought to find disturbing. For the first time since 2008, more voters would pick a Republican candidate in the 2010 elections than would pick a Democrat. More independents would favor the Republican candidate in their districts over the Democratic candidate. More voters would advise their representative to vote against a healthcare bill than to vote for it. And more voters strongly disapprove of President Barack Obama’s performance than strongly approve.

ACORN, the beleagured leftist group nailed in a prostitution video sting, has sued the federal government because Congress cut off its federal funding.

President Obama announced November 12 he will host a “jobs summit” in December at the White House to try to stop the upwardly spiraling unemployment rate.

Chick Heileson Even his parents never called him Marvin. To all but his mother and a few other close relatives, he is “Chick.” (His parents called him “Chuck,” after his middle name Charles.) Chick Heileson is one of a growing number of Constitution-oriented citizens who have not only decided to run for Congress, but are also being taken seriously by political pundits. Heileson is running against the liberal Republican Mike Simpson of Idaho’s Second Congressional District. Simpson is serving his fifth term and is facing a serious challenge from within his own party.