Dan RatherWill a "media czar" be next? At a time when the federal government has already taken over much of the country's financial industry, is a partner in "Government Motors," and may soon be taking over the healthcare industry, former CBS News reporter and anchorman Dan Rather has called for a government commission to help save the nation's news media.

Presidential Medal of FreedomPresident Obama selected Massachusetts senior Senator Ted Kennedy to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom July 30, supposedly the highest civilian honor the United States government gives.

Yesterday evening at 6 p.m., President Obama held the first ever “beer summit” at the White House, which  wasn’t really a “summit.”

beerPresident Obama has planned tomorrow as the day he, Harvard Afro-American scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department sit down to work out their differences over a beer at the White House.

ObamaOn the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s birth as a state, it was another birth that clouded the celebration. The House of Representatives on Monday passed a resolution that honors Hawaii’s statehood including a controversial clause stating proudly: “President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii August 4, 1961.”

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