The United States Department of Agriculture is pondering changes in the regulation of “natural” chicken. The major poultry producers in the nation — Perdue, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Tyson Foods — have taken different sides in this argument. Perdue claims that its competitors, Pilgrim’s Pride and Tyson, are injecting water and salt into their poultry, increasing the weight of the chicken artificially.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told ABC's Christiane Amanpour he was “mortified” and “appalled” by?last month's?Wikileaks disclosures of U.S. Afghanistan campaign secret documents on Sunday's This Week program. The Wikileaks documents consisted of some 90,000 secret documents related to the U.S. prosecution of the U.S. war in Afghanistan from 2004–2010, and Gates claimed “there was no sense of responsibility or accountability associated with it” and that “it puts our soldiers at risk because they can learn a lot — our adversaries can learn a lot about our techniques, tactics and procedures from the body of these leaked documents.

Tea Party rallyFridays on the Glenn Beck program have been dubbed “Founders’ Fridays,” as Beck has used those days to discuss the founding of America. Last Friday's episode, however, was unique in that it was about the “Refounding” of America, a movement that has gained momentum at the hands of the Tea Parties, according to Beck.

After supposedly abandoning the much-touted cap-and-trade scheme due to a lack of support, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a scaled-back $15 billion energy bill that supporters hope will muster enough votes. But it's already coming under attack from all angles, and critics are warning that the carbon regime could still be in the cards.

Governor Schwarzenegger of California on Wednesday ordered furloughs for 156,000 of the state’s 237,000 employees. The estimated savings from these furloughs is $150,000,000 per month — only $80,000,000 of which comes from savings in general revenue — a drop in the bucket compared to the overall state deficit which stands at $19,000,000,000.

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