ConstitutionOklahoma continues to lead the nation in Constitution-oriented legislation at the state level. The Tenth Amendment resolution introduced in the Oklahoma legislature last year by Rep. Charles Key has led to at least 30 states introducing similar Tenth Amendment resolutions so far this year. These amendments call for the restoration of the balance of power between state and federal governments in accordance with the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. At least 12 states, including Oklahoma, have already passed a Tenth Amendment resolution in one or both houses.


Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House are issuing conflcting messages concerning greenhouse-gas emissions, and plans for regulating them, or not regulating them, in a bit of a back-and-forth flummox.

The 2010 fiscal budget proposal from the White House forecasts spending $3.9 trillion during the current fiscal year, as compared to $3.0 trillion last year, and it calls for spending $3.6 trillion in fiscal 2010. By comparison, the Obama administration's proposed cuts — which amount to around $17 billion thus far — are miniscule.

The political profiling scandal at President Obama's Department of Homeland Security just keeps on growing. On Tuesday, May 5, the Washington Times reported on a newly leaked DHS document on "extremism" which reinforces concerns that the DHS is treading a dangerous path of attempting to stigmatize and criminalize, in the minds of members of the law enforcement community, those who dissent from or peacefully oppose government policies and the trend toward omnipotent government.

Ron PaulAlthough he officially abandoned his presidential bid last summer, Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s star continues to brighten. Once shunned by the mainstream media and marginalized by the national leadership of the Republican Party, the modest Ob-Gyn-turned-congressman has become something of an éminence grise these days, feted and fawned over by the likes of Fox News, which once dismissed him as a quack.

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