AR-15sAs media outlets were filled with hysteria in the wake of several demonstrators carrying firearms to an anti-Obama rally in Phoenix last week, one cable network in particular — MSNBC— has drawn the ire of defenders of the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. The Bellevue, Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation has accused MSNBC “of using deceptively-edited video ... to invent a racial stereotype in its on-going effort to demonize and marginalize American firearms owners as ‘racists.’”

Ted KennedyMassachusetts' senior Senator Ted Kennedy has reversed an earlier stance with his recent appeal to change Massachusetts' rules of Senate succession once again.

hal turnerThe strange case of blogger Hal Turner may offer the American people an opportunity to better understand the concept of a government controlling its own opposition. Turner is facing federal charges for allegedly making threats against federal judges and state lawmakers, but his case — regardless of its outcome — raises fundamental questions about the state of the nation.

blackwater worldwideThe CIA outsourced its assassination program to controversial security company Blackwater Worldwide, according to the New York Times for August 20. The assassination program never got to the point of actually carrying out assassination missions, but the New York Times and other news sources reported that Blackwater had received a multimillion-dollar contract to draw up the program and provide training.

ObamaPresident Obama is expected to revise his fiscal 2009 deficit estimate to $1.58 trillion, which is down from the $1.84 trillion estimate earlier in the year. Nearly all of the difference is based upon the Obama administration not using the $250 billion “placeholder” he had built into his budget for a second round of bank bailouts under the TARP program.