Born in 1916 and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri, Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. rose to become the most famous news anchor in television’s history.

Jon KylPresident Obama is really starting to feel the heat on the bogus economic projections he used to sell the “stimulus” package and budget to Americans, and he’s also used cabinet-level executive branch officials to bite back at political critics.

In recent weeks, Barack Obama has traveled across the ocean more than once and has been met everywhere not only as president of the United States but as a bigger-than-life Hollywood-type icon.

Frank RicciThe Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday rang down the curtains on Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings at the end of four days of intense questioning and some testimony. The final day was highlighted by the testimony of Frank Ricci, the New Haven firefighter who brought the case accusing the city of discrimination for not promoting any firefighters because no minority firefighers had passed a test.

Hillary Clinton at Washington CFR HQSecretary of State Hillary Clinton is not yet a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. After her July 15 speech at the CFR’s branch office in the nation’s capital, she may never be offered membership. Why? Because she frankly and unequivocally stated what CFR bigwigs have never wanted known.