A website called Crash the Tea Party.org is up and running. The site's admitted purpose is to organize infiltration and attacks on the Tea Party movement at the patriotic group's meetings and rallies so as to dismantle and demolish it.

On Thursday April 15, many Americans will be making a last-minute scramble to file their taxes by the deadline to avoid penalties. Others will be joining Tea Parties across the country to rally against the exorbitant taxes that have been imposed on Americans and will continue to be forced on Americans as long as Democrats remain in power.

In a recent article here about the VAT (Value-Added Tax) being floated as another way to raise taxes, the author stated that a VAT “would force the 50 percent of people in the poor and middle classes who pay no income taxes at present to start to contribute to the ever-increasing costs of the nanny state.” Fortunately, the New York Times published a correction and a clarification.

Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican who rode opposition the Obama healthcare plan to victory in January's special election to the U.S. Senate, is still uncommitted on the next big legislative battle, the fight over a Democratic bill to overhaul regulation of the nation's banking industry.

The son also rises-again. New York Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, son of a legendary congressman from Harlem, announced on Monday that he would take on twenty-term incumbent Charles Rangel in the Democratic primary for the 15th district congressional seat.