With the impending retirement of Justice David Souter from the Supreme Court, speculation was rampant over the weekend on TV talk shows and other news outlets about who President Obama’s new Supreme Court justice nominee will be.

Virginia FoxxBack during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, we became acquainted with the term “human shields.” This was the name given to innocent citizens whom the Iraqis would place in buildings that were obvious military targets so as to confront the West with a dilemma: either refrain from bombing such facilities and handicap yourself militarily or endure a public-relations disaster for “targeting” innocent women and children.

UNITASMarines and sailors from a dozen different countries stormed a beach close to Jacksonville, displaying Mexican, Colombian, and other foreign flags. The operation was part of UNITAS — Latin for unity — a program with several objectives, including an increase in “interoperability.”

Update: Less than an hour after publishing our online story that The American Conservative would be ending its printed publication because of financial pressures, we received the following message from Daniel McCarthy of TAC: "We've had an outpouring of support from our readers (and writers), and we've made some financial cuts which will keep us going. There's still more work for us to do on shoring up our finances for the long term, but we will not be going out of print — much to the neocons' chagrin!" Mr. McCarthy added: "Please let readers of The New American blog know." We are delighted to share this encouragingng update  to our original story (see below), which unbeknowst to us was out of date before we even published it. Such is the fast-paced world in which we live! — Editor

Why would Louis Caldera, a member of the White House military office, okay a plan to have the 747 that's used as Air Force One, the president’s plane (the president was not on board), fly low over New York’s skyline on April 27, followed by a fighter jet, considering New Yorkers’ experiences with 9/11? Because image is important.

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