Jong-IlWith North Korea defiantly slinging missiles in our direction, now might not seem the most propitious time for a politico tied to this member of the "axis of evil" to make a run for elective political office in the United States. Nevertheless, John Choe, one of the most outspoken boosters of communist dictator Kim Jong Il's brutal regime, is running for New York City Council's 20th District seat, representing Flushing, Queens.

Iran BorderOfficials from the autonomous Kurdish province in northern Iraq officially identified the three Americans detained by Iranian border patrol officers last week after apparently inadvertently crossing into Iran while hiking in Iraq. The Kurdish representatives reported that they planned to meet a second time with Iranian officials to discuss the matter.

U.S. MailAccording to an August 3 AP story, the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing offices and consolidating services throughout the nation.

MuseIn an article for, Thomas Sowell establishes the proper context for the current debate over various schemes for nationalizing America’s healthcare system: it is the latest playground of Utopian dreamers and schemers.

ObamaOn August 3, everyone in the White House press corps was pretending President Obama hadn’t already broken his campaign promise not to back tax increases upon the middle class. The whole White House press corps was agog with speculation over comments by Obama’s top two financial appointees on Sunday-morning talk shows that broad tax increases are on the horizon for the middle class.