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Arne DuncanOn Tuesday, President-elect Barack Obama nominated the head of the Chicago school system, Arne Duncan, to serve as education secretary for the new administration. Nationally, little is known about Duncan, who served in the Chicago school system for seven years.

Auto BailoutSenator John Ensign (R-Nev.) wonders how the government could successfully run the Big Three automakers when it cannot even run itself. On December 11, before the $14 billion bailout bill died in the Senate, Ensign rose on the Senate floor and asked his colleagues:

Assembly LineH.R. 7321, the auto bailout bill which swept through the House of Representatives on Wednesday, died in the Senate on Thursday evening when negotiations with the automakers and union representatives reached an impasse.

ObamaOn Monday, December 8, the Supreme Court unsurprisingly decided not to hear a case by retired lawyer Leo Donofrio claiming that Obama is not eligible to be president because Obama had dual nationality at birth, so he wasn't a natural born citizen as required under the Constitution to be president. The dismissal should have come as no surprise to anyone — not because, as major-media mouthpieces trumpet, that the case has no merit — because it was clearly evident that Donofrio would either be viewed by the court to not be a plaintiff in good standing or his claim would be found without merit because any child born in the United States, as Donofrio's case assumes to be true for Obama, is considered a natural born citizen — as millions of illegal immigrants who have had children in the United States can attest.

Paul Volcker (Former Fed.Res.Board Chairman)On November 26, President-elect Barack Obama named former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker to head what he calls his Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Volcker was appointed to the Federal Reserve in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter and was later reappointed by President Ronald Reagan.

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