ObamaPresident Obama is likely to meet at the White House with black scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and police officer Sgt. James Crowley, who arrested Gates at his house on July 16 on a disorderly conduct charge, a charge the department has since dropped.

George W. Bush official portraitPresident Bush considered ignoring the long-standing and explicit prohibition against using military forces within U.S. territory, the New York Times reported on July 25. The deployment of military forces against U.S. civilians was banned by the Posse Comitatus law, which was enacted shortly after Civil War reconstruction ended. President Bush reportedly considered using military forces to arrest five suspected terrorists near Buffalo, N.Y., in September 2002, despite the law.

Cambridge police decalPresident Barack Obama expressed some contriteness in an impromptu appearance at a White House briefing earlier today for contending that Cambridge, Mass., police “acted stupidly” when they arrested a prominent black scholar at his home on July 16 on disorderly conduct charges.

LIndsay GrahamOn Wednesday, July 22, South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham offered his support for the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, who could become the nation’s first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. He thus separated himself from the GOP’s more conservative element.

Cass SunsteinIt's not surprising that Harvard man Barack Obama wouldn't share late writer William F. Buckley's sentiment that "I would rather be governed by 400 people out of the phone book than the whole faculty of Harvard." In fact, although he won't manage to fill the Congress with the staff of his alma mater, he certainly is making sure his administration is replete with its members.